Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Phanatical Posting...

Well, after 3 months, I got my payback from Superbowl Sunday. Our good friend Dayf, the infamous Pony lovin Cardboard Junkie, put on a superbowl contest for a bunch of Bengals cards (no, wait, that was a threat aimed at FanOfReds) . He even held a 2nd chance contest for anyone that would make him a piece of pony art. Well, I did not enter either contest as football is not a sport that I follow at all, and though I had a great time poking fun at the various pony posting and other hilarity, I failed to enter the 2nd chance contest as well.

After a week or so passed, I came up with a neat idea for a piece of Pony art for mister Dayf. After waiting for a response for some time, I all but gave up on my little prank. Until about a month ago, Dayf posted a birthday wish post at which I just had to take a chance at. Being the first to respond to said posting, I was rewarded with a pile of Fillies Phillies for my troubles:

I got new Phils, old Phils, a few vontage Phils...

Rookie Phils, Prospect Phils...

and a first for me, a Phillie on a coin in a card! Lets take a closer look, shall we?

Not only is it a first coin for me, but it also hits on my specialty categories as Mr. Rolen wore the number 17 jersey while he played for the Phillies! Awesome choice for me there Dayf. That would have made for a truly awesome payback for my little prank, but it pales in comparison to the last item in the package, and the subject of the posting:

First, the back of said item, which tells us the subject of the front of the card, and the Birthday wish:

and the front of the card:

a very fricking cool, hand painted, Philly Phanatic!! and very easily, the coolest #*$(%^& card in my entire collection. Now all I've got to do is find a suitable frame and mat combination to display this awesome piece of art!!

Too danged cool there Dayf, awesome job on a very cool painting that I will enjoy for a long time!!

Thanks for the payback, hope you enjoy your end of my little art project.
Thanks for reading everybody,
Have a GReat week!

Monday, May 28, 2012

New blog on the block...

Whilst perusing Play at the Plate's postings today, he ran a spot on a new blog that is looking for a little bit of attention. But hey, he's running a contest to try and gain the attention. Go on over and check it out, the blog is called Baseball Cards, Sports and Life.

Good luck!
Have a GReat week ahead!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A day to Remember...

Though not my favorite holiday, Memorial Day is the second most important holiday during the year for me.

The first occurs near the end of the year, Veteran's Day, when we pause to offer thanks to all those men and women who serve and have served to guarantee the freedoms that we enjoy every day, like the long and winding two lane road from Virginia Beach down to Knott's Island, North Carolina and back, best enjoyed on two wheels that my wife, sister-in-law, and I road yesterday.

Memorial Day is the day when we pause to offer thanks and praise for all those that have paid the ultimate price for serving.

To all mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children of our fallen, I offer my sincerest condolences for your loss, and thanks to their spirits for their sacrifice. May they rest in peace.

thanks for indulging me,
Have a GReat day everybody! And thank a service member today if you see one.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Contest Sighting...

just spotted a contest over at Arpsmith's Sportscard Obsession, he's hoping to build up a little more readership over that way. Go on over and check it out, you won't be disappointed. And you might pick up some well-loved vintage:

And if you are really in a generous mood, check out my want lists, send me a card or two, and head over to Tomahawk Chopping. He's giving away cards for helping out the general blogosphere. You're guaranteed something if you hit up his want lists.

Thanks for reading.
Have a GReat day!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Very Happy Ending...

Last week I posted about my Big Bang Theory Seasons 1 & 2 trading card box. Well, I'm back to report a very happy ending to that little tale. My Simon Helberg Atuographed insert from the box ended on Mother's Day at around mid-morning. I was a little nervous going into the day because of two reasons.

#1 - another seller had put up the same card about 8 hours after mine and it wasn't even close to the number of bids or the amount that mine currently was sitting at

#2 - when I woke Sunday morning, my card was sitting at just over half of what the last one sold for

I was not trying to be disappointed as I realize that the odds were against me for reaching that final price at this point. But I was ahead of the price I paid for the box so I basically got my set for free.
With about 10 minutes left in the auction, it jumped to $140, so I was happy and excited to see the final 30 seconds now.

Well, with about 8 seconds left, a flurry of bids came in, low and behold:

I got the price that the last one sold for!! A very happy ending to this little adventure, and for me, easily the best pull of the year as well as my collecting hobby!!

On a side note, the other one, ended 8 hours after mine, sold for $135. He probably should not have set that one to end during the dinner hour on Mother's Day! (or waited until mine ended altogether, then posted his)

thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It may take a village...

to raise an idiot. But it definitely takes a Community to give this idiot free cards!

Community Gum that is. Once upon a time, the boys over at CG auctioned off a really nice card and used the proceeds to host an absolutely free group break. As my Phils were claimed, I went ahead and jumped in for the Twins.

And have been totally lazy in posting the reults which arrived quite a while ago.

I ended up with some very nice looking Minnesota cards for that binder. Thanks for the break CG, keep up the good blogging there dudes! And they even included two blanks (at my request) for future experiments.

Thanks for reading.
Have a GReat day!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

I'm not above a little Pimping...

Very cool contest over at 30 Year Old Cardboard. Ten prizes, 10 winners, but only 3 days left to enter...

I'm hoping to score this prize for myself... even though it has a Brave on it!

What are you waiting for? The auction for the BBT card goes for 7 days, this contest ends sooner. Go, enter, win!!

Have a GReat night!

The Big Bang, in Theory...

A little non-baseball post today, with I'm hoping, a happy ending!

My LCS (that's Local Comic Shop) ordered a few boxes of the Big Bang Theory Season 1 & 2 trading cards from Cryptozoic. I was the first person to ask after these cards, so I got my choice of 1 of the 4 boxes he got in. Each box contains 24 packs per box, 5 cards per pack, with autos and wardrobe cards falling 1:24 packs.

I was also the last person to pick up the box as they came in priced a bit higher than I originally expected.

Paying for my box over a few weeks, I learned that the other three boxes yielded nothing special in the way of "hits". The big seller would be the autographed Kaley Cuoco "Penny" card, followed closely by the Johnny Galecki and/or Jim Parsons autos. The pieceworks wardrobe cards are not selling for much and the lesser cast autos for even less.

The other three boxes held supporting cast member autos, so I was not holding out much hope for myself, other than possibly having the best of the bunch.

I also learned early last week that the boxes were now selling for over twice what I had paid for this one! What to do now?? Sell it, and double my money immediately? Open the box, hope to get the Penny auto, and more than quadruple my investment? Or open the box, and hope to break even, at least ending up with the set?

Well, I had a half day at work on Friday, and stopped by the shop on my ride home, picking the box up on my way.

I made the decision for option 3. After busting the box over the last two days, I did manage to get a very nice Sheldon Cooper Purple Undershirt Wardrobe card, which I will probably keep to go with the complete set I got out of the box.

I also got about half of a second set that my comic guy has placed "dibs" on.

But, definitely the highlight of the box, was the auto. I managed to pull a Simon Helberg auto! Not the best auto to pull from the set, but also one of the main cast members, and also worth more on the open market than in my collection!!

That puppy went on eBay earlier today, with what I'm hoping is going to be a nice pay-out this time next week! I just wish I had picked the box up last month when the autos were going for a bit higher, but I'm not complaining as this should more than pay for the box and leave me with a bit extra.

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat week!