Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Another neat Contest

 The Other World is running a Pyramid contest and tier 2 is up and running. I did not find out before tier 1 finished, but the winners were very happy. BA Benny finished second on tier 1. I am looking forward to see the next level. Go on over and check it out.

Thanks for Reading!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

An interesting trip to the mailbox...

Checking the snail mail box on Monday brought an interesting package.
Back on the 14th, I emailed a request to the Brewers for a fan pack, well, I received it on Monday.
It contained the following:

1 Brewers Folder (paper)
1 2010 Team photo
1 Sausage person magnet (small)
1 2011 Brewers Schedule magnet
1 Prince Fielder Fathead Tradeables
2 small old school Brewers logo stickers (glove style)
2 small Brewers logo stickers
2 M 40 years stickers (very cool)
and 1 MLB 2010 The Homestand - Milwaukee DVD (very very cool)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More topps Update

Bought two more packs and am a little bummed as I received three doubles out of the sets.

Pack No. 3 WalMart 1951 Topps Blue Back Insert Cards
12 Cards
Topps Million Card Giveaway TMC-25 Mickey Mantle
Topps Attax Josh Hamilton - Texas Rangers
US-23 - Andy Pettit - P - Yankees AL Allstar
US-46 - Colby Lewis - P - Rangers
US-65 - See You in September (Checklist 9 of 10)
US-69 - Lance Cormier - P - Rays
US-162 - Hong-Chih Kuo - P - Dodgers
US-180 - David Wright - 3B - Mets NL Allstar
US-230 - Robinson Cano - 2B - Yankees AL Allstar
US-275 - Hong-Chih Kuo - P - Dodgers NL Allstar
US-277 - Micah Owings - P - Reds
US-279 - Hanley Ramirez - SS - Marlins Home Run Derby

I found it a little odd that this pack would have two cards for the same player in it, Hong-Chih Kuo. I do like the Mickey Mantle from this pack as I try to collect any player wearing the number 7.

Pack No. 4 Target 1951 Topps Red Back Insert Cards
12 Cards
TR120 - Curtis Granderson - CF - Yankees
VLC34 Vintage Legends Mike Schmidt - 3B - Phillies
Topps Attax Kurt Suzuki - C - Atheltics
Topps Attax John Lackey - P - Red Sox
US-66 - Ronnie Belliard - 2B - Dodgers
US-69 - Lance Cormier - P - Rays (Double)
US-101 - Jake Westbrook - P - Cardinals
US-162 - Hong-Chih Kuo - P - Dodgers (Double)
US-168 - Wilson Ramos - C - Nationals
US-212 - Mitch Talbot - P - Indians
US-273 - John Jaso - C - Rays
US-275 - Hong-Chih Kuo - P - Dodgers NL Allstar (Double)
US-319 - Josh Tomlin - P - Indians

I found it very odd that this pack would have the same two cards for the same player, Hong-Chih Ku, as well as a double of the Lance Cormier card. The one saving grace for this pack was the Mike Schmidt legends card for my Phillies collection and the Turkey Red card for my Yankees. Any body else had this happen?

Monday, November 15, 2010

A neat little contest I just heard about...

A blog I just found out about is running a contest. Henchmeister's Junk Blog is going 1990 Upper Deck and all you have to do to win is figure out what team is most prevalent in half his box. Pretty neat contest thanks to Chris over at Henchmeister's.

I broke open a couple more packs of the topps Update and will post the results sometime this week.

Have a great week.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

An interesting aquisition... plus a pack break (or two)

First and Foremost, on this most solemn of holidays, I would like to say to all of our Service men and women,

Thank You for your Service!


And now,
While out in Arizona on vacation, I managed to aquire an interesting card for my meager New York Yankees card collection:

I did not know Elway played anything other than football!

Since returning home, I decided to try my luck at some Topps 2010 Baseball Update Series.

At 12 cards per pack for the $1.99 price, it's something I can afford to try, I like the Topps stuff since I completed the Topps 2010 Opening Day set late this summer.

These two packs contained 19 base cards, a legends card, a Turkey Red card, a Million Card Giveaway code card plus two Attax cards (small gripe here, I wish Topps would numbers these Attax cards, it would be easier to organize them). These packs presented 18 teams, including a Roy Halladay (US-100) for my Phillies collection. The first pack opened contained a David Wright Attax card, a Vintage Legends Lou Gehrig card and a cool Turkey Red Thurmon Munson card (No. 140). The second pack contained a Nick Markakis Attax card and the Topps Million Card Giveaway car No. TMC-28 (Mike Schmidt).

Here is a scan of the Turkey Red card, which will also go into my Yankees collection along with the Gehrig.

Overall, I am very pleased with my first impression of the update series, I don't know if I will collect the entire set, but I will definitely try a few more packs in the immediate future.

The other cards in the packs were:
US-6 - Adam Ottavino - Cardinals
US-24 - NL East Origins (Checklist 6 of 10)
US-39 - Kila Ka'Aihue - Royals
US-60 - Miguel Tejada - Padres
US-74 - Ryan Church - D-Backs
US-126 - Elvis Andrus - Rangers AL Allstar
US-154 - Jose Guillen - Giants
US-164 - Gaby Sanchez - Marlins
US-179 - Juan Pierre - White Sox
US-181 - J.P. Arencibia - Blue Jays
US-188 - Orlando Hudson - Twins
US-220 - John Lester - Red Sox AL Allstar
US-256 - Mike Gonzalez - Orioles
US-262 - Rob Johnson - Mariners
US-281 - Jose Valverde - Tigers AL Allstar
US-287 - Alex Sanabia - Marlins
US-302 - Pedro Feliz - Cardinals
US-312 - Coco Crisp - Atheltics

Some more scans:

That's about it for now. I will try to post more later including acknowledging a few trades that convinced me to try my hand at blogging.

A big thanks to Mike over at:

BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet 

 and to Big D over at:

Hey, That's Mine!

for making my second and third trades successful and inspiring me to start this little project.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another score on the way home...

On my way home from vacation (driving cross-country with my four dogs and my wife) I happened across another of the McFarlane Phillies action figures for my desk at work. This one is the Roy Hallady figure:

Too Cool.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And the Winner is...

And what you've been waiting for.  The winner of the hobby box of 2010 Topps Chrome from Georgia Mindset is:

(...Joe) @ The Sandlot

Congratulations is in order!  Thanks again and I hope you keep following along as I plan on holding more contests to allow the bloggers that make this all worthwhile win something for doing what they do!