Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another quarter pack...

Back today with another of those Conlon Collection packs, copywrite 1991:

Not too shabby, an early Phillie, no, make that two of Mr. Klein, the N.L. MVP for 1932. A few early Yankees, along with a Gearge Sisler. I may have to buy a couple more of these if I get back by there this week.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What can you buy for a quarter?

At my local card shop, you can buy a pack of these, they are from the Conlon Collection, copywrite 1991:

Hell, I'd give them a quarter each for the Ruth, Foxx, and Feller cards. And the Slaughter and Peckinpaugh are just too cool as well!!
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Have a GReat day!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Are you from Jersey?

Nope, me, I'm still from Philly...
But these cards, they are from Jersey, courtesy of Paul. A very generous blog reader, Paul contacted me a couple weeks ago, asking for some help with his 2010 Upper Deck set. I managed to find and send him 1 of the 2 base cards he needed, along with several inserts for that set. In return, he sent me several cards off of my want lists, filling in holes from several of my incomplete sets.
The tiny brown bubbler contained the following:

Love the Mantle from '07, nice looking card. With the Omar Vizquel and the 3 minis, I now only need 1 base card and 6 Kimballs from Series 1, YAY!!
I am now lacking only card 213-Brandon Snyder, KC-2 Derek Jeter, KC-10 Ichiro, KC-32 Alex Rios, KC-37 Stephen Strasburg, KC-39 CC Sabathia, and KC-46 Mel Ott to complete the sets I want from Series 1, Thanks for the help Paul.
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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Royals, Randoms, and One Big Ole Pile

Hey, gang, looks like you could win a twelfth of a big ole pile of cards. Go on over to Royals and Randoms, and as always, if you like what you discover, tellem Dawgbones sentcha!!

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Have a GReat week.

The last of the Vacation Finds for 2011...

and lastly, I did manage to find:

Nah, the Tie,

the Tie!!

The sales clerk at the shop where I bought the Phillies pin also pointed out the two Phillies ties that they currently had in stock. I picked the more sedate of the two, but love it.

Have a GReat day!
thanks for reading,

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hey, Updates Shorted me!!

But at least they did it in style!! Short prints that is. In all of 2010, I think I managed to pull 1 short printed card, and felt totally awesome about it. Here in 2011, I've pulled a few short prints, I think 1 each from series 1 and 2. My favorite has still got to be Mr. Roberts:

Then along comes Update, and now I have 6, 3 from Updates and 3 from Series 1&2 (pulled from Updates). I've noticed a trend from Updates on these short prints, and don't think these are as "short printed" as short prints should be. But that's ok, cause I love them just the same!

The Walker is the first I pulled, quickly noticing the Expos logo (odd for a 2011 issue). Then I pulled the Greenberg Bronzed Bedazzled Liquorfractor (I'm too sure I just butchered Spankee's new phrase) followed by the rest. The last one I pulled last week is the Rizzuto diamond parallel, which looks GReat in this format. The bedazzled cards are Series 1&2 parallels, while the bottom three carry the US card numbering from the Updates series.

Thanks for reading everybody,
Have a GReat weekend!

Friday, November 25, 2011

The last of the Random Packs of Ginter... for now

Happy Black Friday everybody! How about a nice Black Bordered Mini?

The only card even remotely interesting, as far as my PCs is concerned, is the Braun. I've not seen the movie Rudy either...

Have a GReat weekend everybody,
Hope you got everything you wanted to buy today!

On a side note, today is my Mother's birthday, and I am hoping to spend the afternoon with her before attending a memorial service for my sister's best friend this evening.

Happy Birthday Mom, Love YA!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Are you from Jersey....

Me, no, I'm from Philly, and these cards are from Houston, Cliff, over at Capewood's Collections, posted a plea for help with finishing his 2011 Updates. I sent over what I could find, in return, he sent me a bunch off my want list for this set too.

I love it when I can help folks out, and it's even better when I get help in return. Not that I don't appreciate every package I get in the mail, it's awesome when folks in the blogosphere pick out cards to send me because they think I'll appreciate them (and I do, don't get me wrong), but when people take time out of their busy schedules to compare my want lists to their extras is just too awesome.

A while back (maybe a day, maybe a week, could be a month?, ok, it was a week, I had to look it up!) someone posted a question; If you could go back to that first day and first card pack purchase, would you still buy it?

If for no other reason than the new friends I made through this blog, HELL yes I'd buy it again

Thanks for the help Cliff, glad I could help you out as well.
Maybe we'll have to trade some Phillies here again soon.
Happy Turkey Day every body!
Gobble, Gobble.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Random Packs of Ginter...

Another Wednesday, another pack-O-Ginter:

This could have been a more dissappointing pack, but not by much! The only cards I find interesting in the set are the Ascent of Man and the Minds that Made the Future. Reading the back of the card tells me Hayhurst's baseball connection, "THAT" card must really make his momma proud! Kinda looks like a drunken Frat boy on this card!

Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving everybody!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Challenge from Fuji...

The San Jose Fuji has laid down a small challenge today, you can read his take here. He has asked that we share some of our favorite photography. Aside from many of the 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" photos provided me through pack purchases, I also have many other photos that I love.
The one picture that I have bought and framed in my computer room is this one:

I just fell in love with the image and had to have it, wanting it professionally printed to last.
I've always taken way to many pictures of where ever I happen to be at the time, I always try to take my camera, cause you never know what you'll find.

Just 1 of the "10,000" lakes in Minnesota

Lucky, a Minnesota farm cat.

And then there's my "kids":

This is Seven, my first dog, shot with an older digital camera.
Kaylee, and one of my favorite shots of my oldest pup.

Kaylee and her sister Abby, who is no longer with us

Abby, The Boo, such a neat soul, wrapped in such a tiny package, gone too soon.

Kaylee, my original Pepper Pup, eager to please.

a great still shot of Kaylee in my back yard, I was trying to get her to sit on the rock pile, but she wouldn't!

One of the first soccer ball shots of Willow

Another of the soccer ball shots.

A beautiful shot of my beautiful Fred, such a good girl.

and this last one has got to be my absolute favorite, I've printed this one and it is framed on my desk at work, not really great positioning or composition, but the sunlight playing off of Willow's brindle coat combine with the POP of the blue soccer ball, I was very pleased with the way this photo turned out.

The great thing about these pictures, except for the moon shot, they are all mine. I may post others from time to time now that Fuji has planted the seeds for such a GReat idea.

Thanks for peeking, and for a GReat idea Fuji!
Have a GReat day!

Another Random Pack of Ginter...

What did we get from today's randomness?

Wow, pretty cool, an Iron Chef, I am looking for a Food Network card, but not that one!! I want the Guy Fieri card from this year. I love his Triple D show. I love the minis, although I have no idea who Kasper Hauser is. And after reading the back of the card, I still have no idea who he is!! I also love the Baseball Sketches cards, though I'm not a big Cubs fan, this one is a GReat looking card.

A checklist? Well, I have to hand it to Ginter, at least when they include a checklist, it does not count towards the 6 cards for the pack.

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat Day.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Random Packs of Ginter...

Up for today, a random retail pack of Ginter.

Alright, a lady throwing a knife at Cliff Lee, plus another Ascent of Man card. Has anyone cracked the code yet?

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I wanna ROCK...

Tag, that is. I managed to find a few more Rock Tags, go another duplicate, but that's ok.

even managed to get my first letter as well. The "K" works even if I don't find any of the others!
the 1979 is the second duplicate, no too bad for several different stores.

I've looked on the Bay, but I'm not spending $4 plus shipping for these, right now, maybe later...

Thanks for taking a little peek.
Have a GReat day!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vacation Finds 2011 Part 4

If you were paying attention, part 4 actually made an appearance in Thursday's post. While on our stopover in Gatlinburg, we stopped in a little sports shop. Mrs Dawgbones finally found a Viking Gnome, and I found a pin. Of all the stuff in that shop, there must have been every NFL, MLB, NHL, and college team well represented, except for my Phillies. He had a pin and 2 ties.
Today, I show off the pin, semi-securely attached to my new lanyard:

very nice, now I just need to pick up a pack of pin angels from my Harley shop before I lose this one somewhere.

Thanks for taking a peek.
Have a GReat weekend!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Today is a very special day to me...

Why could that possibly be?

Nope, not my anniversary, that's in February.

Nope, this blog passed it's first year back around Halloween, that's not it.

My birthday? Nah, not until January.

 But today does mark the birth of someone very close to me...

Mrs Dawgbones entered this world back in... Nah, not going there.

Suffice to say:

I wish the happiest of birthdays to the person that makes my life complete.
I love you

She does happen to share her birthday with somebody really famous though, someone known all over the world, most "kids" my age learned to spell his name at the beginning of every show.... Emm....  Eye.... Seee...
Yep, Mickey Mouse was born on this date in 1928.

Have a GReat weekend everybody!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vacation Finds 2011 Part 2 & 3...

While visiting my father in law out in Louisville over the first weekend of my vacation, we hit a couple flea markets that he likes to frequent. At the third stop, I happened across a vendor trying to clear out a bunch of stuff. I was able to snag a new mouse pad and a lanyard for work, both for $8:

I think Miss Patrick is just what NASCAR needs to really revitalize their image and can hardly wait to see her tearing up the tracks... and the lanyard speaks for itself!

Thanks for reading,
have a GReat day!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

And now for something else completely different...

Whenever Mrs. Dawgbones and I hit our local Target, I always like to hit up the card aisle before we leave.
Especially when they have the "now only $1.59" boxes re-stocked. I really love finding something in the "now only 99 cents box". What I have for you today comes from that box.
I found a couple of the Rock Tags, for a buck I figured I couldn't go wrong. I own several dog tags and enjoy wearing them.
The only drawback I have from this experience is the first two packs I opened where the same tag/sticker combo!! Now, the only thing that could have been worse in my humble opinion is if I'd bought these two packs together. I did not. The first tag was purchased by itself, followed a few days later by a two pack purchase from a different Target. Needless to say, if anyone is interested in the duplicates (I do intend to pick up a few more if and when I find them) just let me know.
Without further delay, I share with you:
Kiss, the Rock Tags...

The Starchild is not a bad start to this little adventure, I've included a scan of the back of the tag in this picture since I have two of them. Apparently the stickers are collated with the tags, cause I ended up with two of the Hotter Than Hell stickers as well!

I do find it a little odd that the 1975 tag would come paired with a 2008 sticker!

I also include the checklist if you care:

I would not mind getting the letter tags but that would take more luck than I'm used to seeing!
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Last Two...

Pack 35:

2 to go. Phil Geisler for the Phils, and 5 strike-outs in one inning?
"If a third strike is not caught by the catcher (and is not tipped), it is a strikeout, and the at-bat is over. However, with first base open or with two outs, the batter is not out until tagged out or forced out. On a wild pitch or passed ball the batter can often advance to first base safely. If a runner is at first base and there are less than two outs, the batter is automatically out, as with the infield fly rule. If there are two outs, another runner may be forced out as with any other ball in play. If the runner reaches first base safely, there is no out, but the pitcher is still credited with a strikeout."

I did not know this, before reading this card! But I did witness 4 strikeouts in 1 half-inning. Carpenter pulled this one off in the 1st round play-offs when Gload (Lucky #7 for the Phillies) struck out but reached on catcher's error!

thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

Pack 36:

and that was a fun box to break. I did not end up with a complete set by a few cards, but got some nice stuff anyhow.

thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Two packs today...

Pack 33:

Nice White Sox catcher prospect card.

Pack 34:

nearing the end. And Hidalgo really looks bored now!

thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two packs today...

Pack 31:

There we go! A Micheal Jordan Scrapbook moment, also available for trade if desired.

Pack 32:
Another dual, that just sucks. It's bad enough when collation places the same combination of two different cards together in multiple packs, but to put the same two cards in the same pack is just wrong.

thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vacation Finds 2011 Part 1

Today's second helping is a little treasure I found on the road.
As a few folks have found out, over the last few weeks I've been on vacation. I managed to take a short road trip over a week, followed by another week spent around my hometown.

Whilst on the road, we stop at various places, including fuel stops, one of which was a Pilot truck stop.
My job during these stops is to fuel the Jeep and clean the windows, not leaving me a whole lot of time to look around inside. I performed my duties, then popped inside for a fresh cup of coffee and a soda for the road. On my way out the door, I spied this little beauty by the exit door:

very interesting article on the Flyin Hawaiian, and way odd to be on the Kentucky/Tennessee border. This is actually an extra copy if anyone is interested, please note there is a slight blemish on the upper left corner, where it appears that the staples for the copy on top of this one rubbed it a bit.

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat weekend!

Two packs today...

Pack 29:

a third Jordan! Anybody want to trade?

Pack 30:

We've seen these before.

thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Holidays are approaching...

Growing up, I always knew the holidays were here when Thanksgiving rolled around. As I've grown older (I still refuse to grow up) I realize that I'd been missing one of the more important holidays, the one that actually starts the "holiday season".

Thanksgiving is the day to be thankful for all that we hold dear in life. Veteran's day is the day to be thankful for all of those willing to fight for and defend all that we hold dear in life.

Today is Veteran's Day, do me a favor and thank a Vet. (personally, I thank every service member I see, every day) They deserve honor and respect, if only for the job they are willing to do. Memorial day is a day to remember those that have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms, today is the day to thank all of those that are still with us, whether having served, or still serving.

To all of our service personnel, Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, Firefighters, Police, EMTs, and Coast Guard (I'd never forget you Coasties). Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I cherish everything I am able to do thanks in no small part for the everythings you guys and gals do everyday!!

Most people don't like to count the Coast Guard as "real" service. I tend to agree with them, somewhat. I think the Coast Guard is the "unreal" service, for the crazy things they have to face a lot more often than most. Being a fan of the Deadliest Catch, and having watched some of the rescues they perform at sea, I think you'd have to be certifiably crazy to want to do that job. My hat's off to you.

Enjoy your day Ladies and Gentlemen, you deserve it!!
God bless and take care,
Have a GReat day!
Richard aka Dawgbones