Monday, July 30, 2012

Fuji, with a side of Kirk Jacobson

What's the most you have ever spent on a single sports related item?

Since you did not specify a monetary sum, How about just shy of 18 years?

As a few of my regular readers know, last February was my 18th wedding anniversary. Well, for Christmas this past year, my presents included several Phillies items:

the coat, given to me by my wonderful sister-in-law, Christine. I imagine this one cost her  a sawbuck or two. It's gonna keep me nice and warm while looking totally cool riding my cycle this fall!

Or the best damned present my lovely wife could have ever given me:

My Phillies Pennant quilt, put together for me by my wife.

yep, you saw this back at Christmas, but it's till the most expensive item in my Sports-related collection. Mostly cause it's frickin PRICELESS to me!! She really out-did herself when she designed and put this one together for me. As I said in my original post for this one, "And that, my Phello Phillies Phriends, as well as the rest of my readership, is why my wife is the best damn friend I could ever hope to have."

As for a dollar amount, if you really must satisfy your curiosity, it was less than $20, and wasn't even for me. It was for a fellow blogger and good friend, Spankee, you know, My Cardboard Mistress. He's a big David Wright fan, and I lucked into finding this card for him at my LCS, which was among a few other items I surprised him with here.

Thanks for the GReat question there, Curt!
Have a GReat Night!

P.S. I think it would be the end of my 18 year effort if I spent $625 on cards at one time!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Fuji-esque-ness, a la Dayf...

dayf asked...

What is the ugliest card set you've ever seen?

I have not been collecting cards long enough to come across any set that is truly ugly to me. I've seen singular cards in a set that are beyond hideous:

Three different versions of one ugly fricking card!!
I've seen downright crappy airbrush jobs on cards.

And I've seen enough con jobs in releases that downright infuriate me.
Here we have the classic con-job, an awesome photo of Jim Thome, in his familiar #25 Phillies uniform, with an obvious star from one of the I's in the Phillies jersey. And they are going to try and convince me that this is a white sox card. I'm throwing the B.S. flag for sure!
)thanks for the scan, Sam, and there still are no hard feelings here). This is probably the reason Upper Dec failed to keep their MLB license!!

Ah, screw that. That damned cheesy, bull-crap, Spot the Error insert set. That wins my vote for ugliest set.

and I still say the error was putting these damned things in packs of cards! At least make it more interesting, put more than one difference on the card. 

There you have it Dayf. Now for the awesomest set, a 1/1 hand painted Phillie:
Still love this card. Gets my vote for my favorite card this year!
even Augie Doggie approves!

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat week!

What are your all-time favorite products to collect in each sport?

Another Fuji-esque question for today:

What are your all-time favorite products to collect in each sport?

Well, I no longer collect much NASCAR cards, but occasionally I have been known to pick up a pack or two of Press Pass Elements:

Hoping to pull one of these:

Or maybe even one of these:

but still haven't. the other cards in the set are nice too:

As for the only other Sport there is (at least for me), I love the Opening Day product:

the cost is relatively inexpensive, even though there is almost no chance for a hit, I still love the inserts, especially the Mascots, though I may have mentioned that a time or two.

Oh, there is the coach potato category as well:
from which I did manage to pull:


which helped to pay for the box. Yep, Big Bang Theory wins every time, I love this show!

a close runner up would have been the minor league baseball card products, I have busted one box:

Anything that shows off the minors logos is fantastic in my book:

Thanks for the question there Sam.
Have a GReat week!
Thanks for reading!