Wednesday, March 8, 2017


What's more shocking? The fact that Sam, your friendly neighborhood Dimwit has returned? Or that he's having a contest over there, right there, on his blog!!

NOPE, Your wrong on both, it's the mere fact that yours truly has made a post of this little fete!!

Hard to believe that I haven't made a post this year!! Actually, that one's easy to believe, a lot easier than the accompanying fact that I haven't actually made a post since July of last year!!!

I still read a lot of the stuff out here, and make comments here and there, and I'm not saying I'm back

so don't ask...

I am looking forward to another baseball season, and maybe picking up a few cards here and there, I really like the First Pitch inserts from the last couple sets, but am not too impressed with the base cards so I'll probably only pick up my Phils, if those.

I hope to make a go of Gintacuffs this year. I did get the first step last year and signed up, but lacked the funds when the boxes hit the streets!!

If I happen to owe anyone anything, please let me know. If it's money, please re-read the above portion of this post regarding "lack of funds"!!

Thanks for reading,
have a GReat day!!