Friday, March 20, 2015

A 2nd Blaster of 2015 Series 1

... or why I should have taken the money and ran!!
A bit earlier this year, Play at the Plate held a contest for a Series 1 blaster when they came out.
I won, then casually forgot all about it! until contacted with a prize offer. Brian would gladly purchase the blaster and send it my way or he could send me a gift card/$$ for said blaster and I could then purchase it myself here in my hometown.

For those of you that have not looked at the blasters this year, they are quite heavy (with the manufactured Homerun Commemorative Medallion coin cards) and somewhat bulky to try to package and ship! we both agreed that it would be much easier to go with choice "B".

I've actually had the $$ and bought the blaster some time ago but wanted to "cool" my jets a bit prior to posting about the contents of the "prize" blaster.

As I alluded to earlier in this post, I should have taken the money and ran!!

I posted about my first blaster, showing the contents here. And I had planned on scanning and showing the most interesting card in each pack this time around.
But the first half of the blaster proved to contain a LOT of doubles!

Then the second half of said blaster contained MOSTLY doubles!! Seriously!! Are ya kidding me??
Even the inserts were duplicated!!

I bought said blaster from Target in hopes of gaining a few more of the Jackie Robinson Story set, since it is only 10 cards, should be easy, right? WRONG!! I average 2 cards per blaster and one of those was a duplicate!! And now all four of those are available if anybody needs them.
I pulled 2 JR-3s (.387 with Kansas City), and 1 each of JR-8 (World Series® Title in 1955) and JR-10 (Number 42 Retired across MLB®).

So I then decide to show off the most interesting pack in the blaster (plus the medallion card...)

Each pack of the ten packs in the blaster contains ten cards. wait-a-minute!! What in the name of !!??
Let's take a closer look...

Yes, 1 of those 10 cards is a coupon? A frickin coupon!! Are ya kidding me Topps?? SERIOUSLY??
I get it, you are in the business of selling cards... and you want us to buy more... but giving me a coupon in the midst of a blaster of mostly doubles is beyond me right now!! Quick math tells me this card is worth roughly at least 2 cards in the discounted pack I would buy but I would much rather have the single card that you replaced with this piece of shit!! Especially since I've had it with 2015, have received all the Phillies I would want out of series 1 and am now waiting impatiently a few more days until I can pick up my box of Opening Day from my LCS next week. (in which I will most likely pull exactly half of the Mascots set, and an incomplete base set of cards!!, but we will report on those disappointments later)

The only redeeming quality in this Blaster of Woe would possibly be the guaranteed Home Run Medallion card. I already have the 2 Phils from this series. And we have...

Don Mattingly!! Not too shabby! From the list on the side of the box, there weren't too many others that I could pull that I could put in my collection, though I am not dead set on keeping this one if the right offer presented itself!

So, there we have it. The second and possibly final blaster of the flagship offering for 2015! I may just try and grab the other Phillies from S2 in trade. And the only insert set from S1 that I'm actively chasing is the First Pitch set (though I do like the Robbed set as well). Sadly I've only pulled 4 out of 15 so far!!
If anybody has extras that they don't need, I'd love to have them. I am in need of:

FP-01 Jeff Bridges Los Angeles Dodgers ®
FP-02 Jack White Detroit Tigers ®
FP-03 McKayla Maroney Chicago White Sox ®
FP-04 Eddie Vedder Chicago Cubs ®
FP-05 Biz Markie Oakland Athletics ™

FP-07 Austin Mahone Atlanta Braves ™
FP-08 Jermaine Jones Los Angeles Dodgers ®
FP-09 Tom Willis Kansas City Royals®
FP-10 Graham Elliot Chicago Cubs ®
FP-11 Tom Morello Chicago Cubs ®

FP-13 Suzy Los Angeles Dodgers ®

and I would like to have the Ben Revere Robbed card (#R-11) if anybody pulls an extra.

Thanks for the contest Brian, and I in NO WAY what soever blame you for Topps' shenanigans at all, I just should have taken the money and ran!!

Thanks for reading my ranting,
Have a GReat day!