Thursday, May 23, 2013

Another round of Opening day

knocked a few more off of the base set:

Plus got another mascot for that insert set too!
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and now for an obscure bit of trivia:

What is Donald Duck's middle name?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Read this Post You will...

So I picked up a pack of Star Wars Fighter Pods figures the other day at Ollie's Bargain Outlet.
Who did we get? There are two figures and a mini-death star shaped 2-piece ball in each pack. I've given one of the figures away with my post title.

yep, Yoda

and the other is the younger Obi-Wan Kenobi figure.

pretty cool little figures for $1.50!
thanks for looking today.
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Traded for a bridge!

I contacted Spankee late last week, wanting him to stop by my office at work when he got a chance. I had found a few things that I wanted to give him. And as I work kinda between where he lives and works, it would save some shipping and possible damage if he could swing by on his way to work one morning.
He stopped by late last week, and was not empty handed. You can see his side of things here. As for me:

and he also included not one, but two bridges to nowhere... the cards formerly known as 2010 Topps Chrome!

It's bad when the warp-ness of the card stock tries to prevent the scanner lid from closing!! I am certainly relieved that Happ's injury the other night was not more severe than it was, and will be glad to see him return to the game.

He also included a very nice dual swatch, dual colored Winning Materials relic of Jim Thome from Upper Deck's SPX set. The back is a bit different in that it guarentees (in as much as any company can at this point) that the grey swatch game from a Phillies game and the red swatch came from a Phillies workout!

thanks for the cards Spankee!
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Random Pack of GQ

So, as Target did not have any rack packs of Opening Day, I picked up a single retail pack of Gypsy Queen last week. got to say, I'm not overly impressed with what I received. 6 cards for the asking price of $2.99 +tax is a bit steep.

by far the best card pulled from this pack was the local connection. Justin Verlander went to college down here in the Norfolk area at Old Dominion University. I really like some of the inserts, the Dealing Aces are awesome. This No-Hitters card is a nice design, really like the blue against the white, and the fact that a no-hitter card features a pitcher in the act of pitching is a nice touch as well.

as for the rest of the pack, kinda lost on me. The pale green is just not right. Whatta ya think, single up the right base line?

 Be better if that was a #17 jersey...

 Now that looks like a Sac Fly to me...

 and let's not forget the minis, at one per pack, I'm sure not interested in chasing that set anytime soon, though the Jeter does fit my Yankees PC.

I think the only thing that looks worse than that pale green on the card front is the piss-yellow used on the card backs! I understand the desire for the "old-timey" feel, and maybe this particular color may hasten the "antiquing" of the card backs, but it just screams P I S S Y to me!!

any of these are available if you need them, with the exception of the Verlander, which more than likely will be staying here in the Hampton area...

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Another step closer to Opening Day

In the form of a blaster this time

Ten packs,77 cards, $10 selling price. As most of the base cards were duplicates, I'm only scanning\showing the "new" cards and the inserts.

Another Mascot for that insert set... I'm only trying to complete the base cards and the mascots, though I still like the Stars cards. 26 cards towards completion, think I'll stick to the rack packs, I think I get a better mix with them.
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Monday, May 6, 2013

An update to Saturday's post...

Highlighting the best part of Saturday's finds.
What's better than pulling a 1 of 1 sketch card of a Marvel Comics superhero?

Watching a 1 of 1 sketch card of your favorite Marvel Superhero created in front of your eyes!

Bill Meiggs was a special guest artist at my local comic shop for Free Comic Book Day this past Saturday.

and I had the good fortune to request my favorite character created on a one of a kind sketch card.
Watching him work was too cool! and the end result was awesome.

then with a little googling, some card stock, an inexpensive frame, and a little cutting, Presto!

a very cool piece of framed artwork for my desk at work. Thanks for the sketch card Bill, it was a true pleasure watching you work. I hope I get the chance to talk to you again in the future.

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Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hope you're having a GReat Saturday. And for those of you "In the Know" and even better FCBD.
Wait, what? You don't know what FCBD is??
Well, let me tell you. The first Saturday of every may for the last 12 years, has been designated:


Yep, that's right, go support your Local Comic Shops, and today, you will get freebies. I stopped by my favorite shop, Zeno's. right here in Chesapeake, not too far from my home.

Wayne's a GReat guy and runs a top notch shop. Really taking care of his regular customers, as well as trying his ut-most best to turn every new customer into a repeat customer, and by nature, one of us regulars!

Today was no different. Zeno's had a bunch of great comics to give away, all for free, plus some other events to draw us in.

I picked up 2 books:

and took advantage of guest artist Bill Meiggs. Watching him sketch a Flash character card for one of the customers, I asked him if he could do a Human Torch for me. Ole Flamehead has always been my favorite superhero. He replied, "Don't Know? I've never done him!" I think he nailed it!

Watching him work on this was amazing. Just to go from a blank card to a finished piece of colored artwork in 20 minutes or less astounds me! Knowing which colors to blend, where to start, which pens for finish linework... I just love watching talented people create things.

This one's going in my personal collection binder with the rest of my specialty cards. Don't know how much money they'd be worth, cause they're priceless to me. I'd never dream of parting with them.

I honestly had no idea that Bill is also a firefighter!! Thanks for that!

Bill's the guy in the back row. Thanks for the card Bill. Awesome job!! And there's no way this one'll end up on eBay!!

and thanks for the GReat service Wayne, see you on Wednesday.
thanks for reading.
Have a GReat day!

Friday, May 3, 2013

What do these have in common?

What do the following have in common?

well, if you happen to see one of these:

and you possess one of these

with this on it

you can spend and entire day on these:

My first ride of the morning, not counting the 80 mile trek south to this event. The FXS Blackline Slim. This was probably my least favorite ride of the day. The drag bars combined with the forward controls made me feel like I was being folded in half. Not very comfortable for me for the long haul. I'd have to pass on this one in favor of a more up-right seating position.

My second ride of the morning, the 100th Anniversary Heritage Softail Classic. What can I say, this one's a beauty. From the stunning black and brown paint and 110th badging to the studded leather saddlebags, this one was a very nice ride. Cushy seating position. Very nice ride, and I'm glad I got on this one early, cause one of the other road captains jumped on this one whenever it was open most of the day!!

Third ride of the morning, the Road Glide Custom. Another nice comfortable bike, and one of the first with a radio, though I did not use it. There are two nice pockets in the fairing for storage that would come in handy for some things on the road. Combined with the hard bags, this would make a nice bike for cruising. It was a little weird to ride at first, with the fixed fairing, turning the bars gives a little oddity as the radio and main windscreen are stationary while the speedo and tach turn with the bars.

Fourth ride of the morning, probably the most fun bike to try during the day. This one wants to run! The 35 mph speed limit on the beach road, hell, even the 50 mph on the main highway just make this bike sigh. It would be really nice to get this one on a race track and see what she'd do. I've been told that she'll do triple digits in third gear. After the short ride, combined with the sluggishness of the bike at RPMs under 2000-2500, I'd believe it! Don't get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with the motor, it was just warming up at lower RPMs, I can see why people love to ride this one.

Fifth ride of the morning, and probably the nicest highway cruiser! The Ultra Classic Electra Glide, I could spend all day in the saddle of this beauty. Made for cruising the highways and bi-ways of America. It longs for the open road. Pack the ample saddlebags, fill the tank, pick a direction, and GO! My Sportster may be a lot of fun around town, but this one is great for the open road!!

Sixth ride of the day. The Dyna Fat Bob. 103 engine gives this one gobs of power. The laid back handlebars and forward controls give a decent riding position. Nice bike overall.

Ride number seven. The Dyna Switchback. This one was a hoot to ride. The detachable windscreen and saddlebags give this bike a totally different look and feel for short rides around town without sacrificing the utility of the attachments for open-road cruising. And I just love the blue! A nice clean looking cruiser.

Ride number eight. The Dyna Fat Boy Lo. A nice comfortable riding position, combined with a little extra weight difference makes this one a very nice ride. I can see why my wife likes this one and can hardly wait to get her reaction the first time she rides one. 

Ride number nine. The Dyna Wide Glide. Old school chopper looks, combined with the 103 engine make this one a blast to ride. A friend of mine has this one and he loves it. I'd probably look at the Switchback if I was going with a dyna model.

Ride number ten. The good old Dyna Fat Boy. Not much difference between this one and the Lo, other than the seat height. This would be the model I'd get if I were to look at the Fat Boy. Makes a little difference with my slightly longer leg length.

Ride number eleven. The Dyna FXDB Street Bob. This one was nice, it has the 103 engine which gives it gobs of power over mine. The mini-ape hangers give it a more laid back seating position. The drawback was a weird vibration at certain highway speeds which would drive you crazy over a long haul. Recommend riding this one first before making any decision toward purchase. I don't feel this one is appropriate for beginning riders as it is a bit heavy and that affects the steering/handling quite a lot.

Ride number 12. Sportster 1200 Seventy-Two. This is the model I would have bought if it had been available when I bought my Nighster. It is the same model line/engine size as mine, but with the mini-ape hanger handlebars and the other subtle changes, it has more of the '70s vibe to it. The only drawbacks I could find is the seat arrangement (felt like I was sliding around a bit more on it) and the tank size is a bit small for the open road. Mine has a 3.3 gallon tank on it and has a comfortable cruising range of about 120 miles. The '72 has a 2.2 gallon tank which means more gas stops, but it still is a blast to ride.

Ride number thriteen. Manage to ride this one twice, re-affirming my dis-comfort with it's ergonomics.

Ride number fourteen. Second time around for this one as well... Still wants to RUN!!!

Ride number fifteen. The Street Glide. Not much different than the Road Glide except for the non-fixed fairing. And still a very nice, capable cruiser. My boss swears by his.

Ride number sixteen, The Iron 883 Sportster, same model line as my Green/Black Nighster but more chrome and less engine. Recommend riding the different Sportster models before settling on this one, the 1200 has more power for not a lot more money. I really feel like I would have outgrown this one quickly whereas I am still happy with my Nightster.

Final ride for me before the 80 mile scoot back to home. The Tri Glide Ultra Classic! Yep. just had to try this puppy out! And well worth the time. Handles way different than any motorcycle, but, if it's the only way you can ride, RIDE ON brother, RIDE ON!! very comfortable seating with easy to reach controls, and an actual trunk! This was a very nice way to end the rides for OBX Demo days.

or at least that's the way I spent last Saturday, the 27th. My local HOG chapter was asked to travel south to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and help escort the rides for the factory demo truck. What better way to spend the day than riding. Oh, I know, riding someone else's motorcycles, without having to put gas in them, or 5 years worth of payments! 

Thanks for the opportunity to try out a lot of motorcycles I'll never own, and in some cases, never want to own! All in all, Harley puts out some very nice motorcycles and I was very happy to spend a Saturday trying them all out. In closing, remember, if you have your class M endorsement, look for the demo truck coming to a dealer near you, and go spend the day on a Harley or three!

And on a side note, if you don't have your motorcycle license, they do have the jump-start set-up as well. 

This will give you the opportunity to ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle without leaving the parking lot. It's a stationary machine with a bike strapped to rollers which allows you to shift gears and run through the mechanics of riding without the bike actually moving at all!

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat weekend!