Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Summer Contest of Sorts

My good friend Fuji-San has decided to resurrect his summer contest in a way... no need to bore you with the details, you can find them here...

and once again, not exactly back, but the Phils are off to a better start this year so I am looking forward to a more exciting year for myself.

It's been an interesting year for this 'ole Phillies Phan. Turned 50 in January, we lost my wife's Uncle in February, she worked for him and his wife (her aunt...) so consequently, she also lost her job of almost 30 years! (they could not make the business work with just the two of them and it would not support three people (not that we could find a third person to trust!) so the last few months has been filled with funerals, business closings, and yard sales prep to sell off stuff from the business. (30 years accumulates an absolute butt-ton of crappola!)

I have turned back towards my love of Hot wheels over the last 2 years, collecting those more than baseball cards.

and I've made four trips north this year for work in Wisconsin, which wouldn't be so remarkable except that this picture of yours truly:

was taken on the 18th of April, after a record blizzard/snowfall hit the Midwest while I was there!

Thanks for reading. now go enter Fuji's contest,
and as always, tellem ole Dawgbones sentcha!!