Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just who the hell is Corky Miller, anyhow???

I was strolling thru the discount card bin at my local Target store last week, and picked up three packs of Don Russ "the Rookies" from 2002. Not being price marked, I decided to only purchase one of the three and take a chance on some more '11 Opening Day, trying for the insert cards.

Well, upon opening the pack, I discovered some very nice cards, well designed, and one, bone - E - fied, Corky Miller Cincinatti Reds autograph, numbered 439/500. Not bad for putting two back and keeping this one.

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Anonymous said...

Corky earns the coveted MVM for the Reds - most valuable mustache - seen here.

Ryan said...

I wish my Target had something interesting like these packs in the bargain bin. All that's left is 2007 "Fleer" Ultra.