Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Uno Games, that is. While at Ollie's Bargain Outlets over the weekend, I always hit up the toy aisle, looking for MLB stuff, fatheads, and other Phillies memorabilia. This trip did not disappoint!! I spied the familiar UNO packaging from halfway down the aisle. I quickly picked the item up and placed it in the cart when I returned to my wife. To which she said, "What the!! Another $%#$^ UNO game?? How many do you actually need!

As I've got several collector's editions, I can see her point. I loved the first version we found, an original series Star Trek, which came with several new cards to the deck, each with its own new rule.

When you are down to one card, instead of shouting "UNO" you must instead exclaim "Space, the final UNO frontier!"

One each of the following four Star Fleet Command cards are included (descriptions from instruction sheet):
Live Long and Prosper (Wild and New Hand) Card - This card can be played on any card. After playing this card, you must discard your old hand and draw an entirely new hand. You then call any color to continue play, including the one presently being played if desired. NOTE: You can only draw the same number of cards held in your hand after playing this card.

Mind Meld Card - This card can be played on any card. After playing this card, you command the next player to show his/her hand to you.

Beam Me Up, Scotty (Wild and Stop) Card - Play this card immediately to stop a Command card that is directed to you. You then call any color and play continues.

Double Tribble Card - This card can be played on any card. After playing this card, you may call any color to continue play, including the color presently being played if desired. The next player must double the number of cards in his/her hand by drawing additional cards and forfeit his/her turn.

I love the Double Tribble card!!

Harry Potter

with two special cards:

The Howler Wild card -- makes the next player shout out every card they have and forfeits their turn.
Invisibility Wild card -- a protection card that stops any command card played against you.

Nightmare Before Christmas:

with it's exclusive Jack Skellington head case:

and the
Oogie Boogie Card – When this card is played, the player who plays it selects another player to draw cards from the DRAW pile until the selected player draws a total of 11 points or higher.

or the It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,

with the "Trick or Treat" card, where everyone has to take a card, so it's like a Draw 1 card.

and this weekend's find:

I've seen the regular version without the tin, in a different team as well as the Yankmees Jeter jersey case 
version, but this is the first Phils and it's cool with the tin! And it was the only one I saw in the place!

I am undecided as to whether or not to open the cards, maybe I will and place them in my team binder!
It comes with the Citizens Bank Park card, one of the weaker specialty cards, which only stops an action against the possessor. But it's still cool as hell!!

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Spankee said...

Nice. Harry Potter Uno is the standard Uno we play. Strangely, though, my version has images from the first movie, not the illustrated images.

Section 36 said...

Well, yeah, you had to buy that!