Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hello, is anybody out there?? Is this thing ON??

I cannot believe how fast time flies anymore!! I have made a grand total of 1, yes folks, you can count them that easily, 1 post this year!! I still read a lot of you guys, and am trying to comment more often.

I am back today with a comic book post (and help request). I have spent the last few months buying and eating  General Mills cereals, hunting for a complete set of the Batman/Superman comic books.
I have successfully attained books 1 thru 3 two times now!!

As the availability of "Specially Marked" cereal boxes containing these little gems is beginning to wane, I turn to the collector in all of us and ask,

Does anybody collect these? And more importantly. Do you have an extra #4?
I'd be happy to trade any or all of my extras for that elusive fourth comic.

Thanks for reading, Sorry for the shock of a new post out of my semi-delinquent butt!!!
Have a GReat day!!
Still a Phillies Phan after all these years!!


Adam Kaningher said...

Welcome back!

Fuji said...

I've never seen these comic books. If I had... I probably would have stock piled my pantry trying to complete that set. Best of luck!