Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Phanatical Posting...

Well, after 3 months, I got my payback from Superbowl Sunday. Our good friend Dayf, the infamous Pony lovin Cardboard Junkie, put on a superbowl contest for a bunch of Bengals cards (no, wait, that was a threat aimed at FanOfReds) . He even held a 2nd chance contest for anyone that would make him a piece of pony art. Well, I did not enter either contest as football is not a sport that I follow at all, and though I had a great time poking fun at the various pony posting and other hilarity, I failed to enter the 2nd chance contest as well.

After a week or so passed, I came up with a neat idea for a piece of Pony art for mister Dayf. After waiting for a response for some time, I all but gave up on my little prank. Until about a month ago, Dayf posted a birthday wish post at which I just had to take a chance at. Being the first to respond to said posting, I was rewarded with a pile of Fillies Phillies for my troubles:

I got new Phils, old Phils, a few vontage Phils...

Rookie Phils, Prospect Phils...

and a first for me, a Phillie on a coin in a card! Lets take a closer look, shall we?

Not only is it a first coin for me, but it also hits on my specialty categories as Mr. Rolen wore the number 17 jersey while he played for the Phillies! Awesome choice for me there Dayf. That would have made for a truly awesome payback for my little prank, but it pales in comparison to the last item in the package, and the subject of the posting:

First, the back of said item, which tells us the subject of the front of the card, and the Birthday wish:

and the front of the card:

a very fricking cool, hand painted, Philly Phanatic!! and very easily, the coolest #*$(%^& card in my entire collection. Now all I've got to do is find a suitable frame and mat combination to display this awesome piece of art!!

Too danged cool there Dayf, awesome job on a very cool painting that I will enjoy for a long time!!

Thanks for the payback, hope you enjoy your end of my little art project.
Thanks for reading everybody,
Have a GReat week!

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Pirates Treasure Room said...

WOW! That painted Phanatic is awesome