Friday, December 27, 2013

brains, BRains, BRAINZ, BRAAAIIINNNZZZ!!! part two...

So Mrs. Dawgbones hit the mall for some Bath & Bodyworks supplies yesterday morning. Directly in front of that store in Greenbrier Mall was a little kiosk, selling sports related knick knacks and whatnots. She had seen a few items there before Christmas but didn't want to spend the prices they were asking.
Yesterday, everything was marked 50% off, AND she spied this little beauty!!

Yep, my Christmas zombie now has a pin-striped bigger brother!! Thanks honey, YOU ROCK!!

thanks for reading,
Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!
Designate a Driver if you are away from home celebrating. Or call a cab...
Be safe everyone!

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Fuji said...

Very cool. Ever since I saw Shaun of the Dead... and started watching The Walking Dead... I've been a huge fan of zombie stuff. I've gotta find an Athletics or Padres zombie fan.