Wednesday, December 25, 2013

brains, BRains, BRAINZZZZZZ!!!

Another GReat Christmas day, spent unwrapping gifts, and waiting for dinner to finish. Mrs. Dawgbones has outdone herself, both with the gifts as well as the Lasagna she has prepared for our meal!
My mother and father stopped by with gifts for us, and mom really nailed it down this year, buying me a Phillies statuette for my collection that my wife quickly stole!!

She is into the cheesy horror flics, and absolutely loves anything to do with Zombies!
GReat job mom, I think my wife will really enjoy him!!

As we celebrate this season, everyone please say a small prayer for those less fortunate than we and especially for our heroes currently deployed and serving away from their homes and loved ones that they may know they are loved and appreciated for all they do as well that they stay safe from harm.
Thanks for reading,
Hope everyone has a GReat Christmas.

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Play at the Plate said...

Excellent reminders! Merry Christmas.