Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chasing Utley...

I am also joining in the fun of Wallet Card. This idea intrigues me for several reasons.

#1. First and foremost, there are no rules!! It's always fun when you can make things up as you go (though sometimes it's also great fun to bend the rules as far as you can go too!!)

#2. Everybody is joining in so it's going to be fun seeing what others come up with and maybe duplicating or improving on somebody else's vision.

#3. Maybe it will prompt my lazy but to produce a few more posts this year!!

I was searching through my mini duplicates, knowing that I wanted either an example from my blog's new namesake, Mr. Schmidt, or my absolute favorite current player. I, like Deal, over at Phungo's little spot on the web, will also be using a mini of Mr. Utley for my wallet card adventures, though my mini of choice is a regular backed 2012 Gypsy Queen #286.

Chase is my favorite current player more for his off-field activities and charity work with the various ASPCA organizations and the fact that he has also personally rescued dogs himself (and his wife). He is also an upstanding fine example of everything that is right in baseball

I like Deal's idea so here is a beginning scan of both sides for reference:

and my choice has already suffered one dinged corner before I could even get it in my wallet as I dropped it during my selection process!!

Here is the first photo, taken at my home away from home, aka work!

and so begins my quest...
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defgav said...

Love it. Great choice!

Play at the Plate said...

Richard...can you email me?