Monday, April 6, 2015

The Gauntlet has been thrown!

Matt, over at Hearbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius, has thrown out the challenge gauntlet, and I've gladly picked it up, with a little help from my new friend out west. I've been planning this post since the Wallet Card game began, but it took a little longer than I anticipated to pull everything together!

So, apparently, my wallet card took a vacation, and left my sorry ass at home!! A while back, I arranged to join a small group break over at Cards on Cards in exchange for a few cards from Kerry's want list. I decided to strike a second, smaller bargain, for Kerry to show Mr. W.C. Utley the sites and sounds of Portland. He did not disappoint as it looks like Chase had one helluva good time out west! He gladly agreed and Mr. W.C. Utley hitched a ride out west with my end of our bargain!

This is at Music Millennium, the oldest record store still standing in the Pacific Northwest.

Though Mr. Biggs is more a fan of browsing their records and CDs, it's worth noting they also co-opted the "Keep Austin Weird" slogan from Austin, Texas and sort of made it a thing
around here for some reason.

Kerry told ole' W.C. that he worked in this building for the Water Bureau for a brief time. And he's never actually seen the TV show "Portlandia" (nor have I) but the statue predates it by more than a couple decades.

The Portlandia statue in downtown Portland at the Portland Building.

This is a very interesting picture and may be one of my favorites that showed up. Apparently on top of a freshly cut stump in Kerry's yard. There are a lot of trees in Portland and, hence, a lot of stumps. He's somewhat annoyed that this tree was cut down with no explanation.

Next Stop, the bricks in Pioneer Courthouse Square, sometimes referred to as "Portland's Living Room". People were able to buy a brick to engrave their name into when it was being built.

In the background is one of a "ridiculous number of bridges in Portland". This is the Hawthorne Bridge.

At a Voodoo Doughnut food truck parked in the Square. He usually avoids the main location as it's a tourist trap and the doughnuts are just doughnuts after all, but they've had this truck open quite a bit lately. This is a Cap'n Crunch doughnut.

And their last stop for this trip, here's Umbrella Man at Pioneer Courthouse Square. His official name is "Allow Me" according to Wikipedia, and has been called the "most photographed man in Portland", serving  as a symbol of the city and its residents.

Well, that's it for this trip, and a big thanks to Mr. Biggs for hosting W.C. and showing him a good time on his first trip out west!
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