Friday, June 22, 2018

Hello, is this thing still working?

Hello my friends. How is everyone doing these days? I've been really slacking on the posting front, but have kept up with a lot of your posts, commenting here and there, but reading a lot.

What has yours truly been up to these past days, months, oh my god, too freaking long without posting!!! Well, besides keeping up with my beloved Phillies who are off to a great start this year. I've slacked off on the baseball card front, not really finding much there that I want or like lately, but have returned to one of my childhood favorites.

I mentioned to Fuji in one of his posts that I've begun collecting Hot Wheels again. Both the diecast maker and yours truly turned 50 this year, having began our respective journeys in 1968!

It all starts with one or two innocent purchases, seeing one casting that really catches your eye, whether by flashy paint or other details, these little "toys" will put you in the poorhouse 94 cents at a time!

And there are different levels to this hobby as well. Hot Wheels, beginning with the 1995 release, they introduced the Treasure Hunt sub-series, and subsequently introduced the Super Treasure Hunt series in 2007. The Supers are distinguished from the rest of the set by the use of higher quality Spectraflame paint colors over a polished base and will have real rider rubber tires along with a stylized "TH" somewhere on the car.

I started lining my cubical walls with them a couple years ago and have now reached the point where I am rotating some of them and replacing others with  newer ones that I like better. I have also traded with people around the U.S. and have received one regular Treasure Hunt of my 2nd favorite casting from the U.K. (on a short card).

The Volkswagen buses (the "Kool Kombi") in the center are my absolute favorite casting, followed closely by the Pedal Driver car to the Kombis' right.

This year, they also introduced what they are calling an Ultimate Chase Car, which also happens to be one of my favorite models, the Bone Shaker. AND I also got lucky as hell to score one of these from my local Yorktown Wally World Yesterday!! (this particular version which I paid 94 cents for, is currently selling/trading secondarily in the $45-60 range)

The #15 is the Ultimate Chase version vs. the #3 car which is the main-line release. You can see the difference in paint color and wheels right away. This is also the 2nd "hunt" version of the Bone Shaker in my collection, the pink one I managed to trade for sometime last year.

I may share some of my collection here if you guys are so inclined to peek in on them. Hell I'll even throw a baseball themed car in to tease y'all too!!

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat weekend!


The Angels In Order said...

Awesome post! I collected HW for a long time. Most are gone now, I have about a case worth left. Maybe you'd be interested in some? So do they still do Treasure Hunts as well?

Jon said...

I wouldn't mind seeing more Hot Wheels related content. I don't actively collect them, but I do buy a few every couple of months or so.

Fuji said...

Congratulations on finding that Ultimate Chase Car. I've never been a super collector of Hot Wheels, but I do remember the days when Treasure Hunts commanded some solid money. Maybe one of these days, I'll dig through my boxes and pull out all of my Hot Wheels from back in the day.