Saturday, March 24, 2012

a Fantastic Catch, indeed

Weston, who runs the blog over at Fantastic Catch, contacted me about some cards from several of my want lists. I'm telling you guys, these want lists are THE BOMB when it comes to trades. I've received so much help, from something so simple, go ahead, put one up, I double-dog-dare you!!

anyhoo, he sent me several opening day needs from the list, a couple of minis, including the 2012 Roy Halladay. Then he sent me a stack, and by stack, I mean a fricking huge pile of stuff for my 2010 Upper Deck set, a total of 60 cards that I no longer have to find!!

Any trade that involves Mascots is AWESOME in my book!!

Thanks for the trade Weston, if anybody else can help the lad out, go on over and take a peak at his want list, it's on the bottom of his blog page.

My want lists are up to date as well, I'm down to very few inserts left to finishmy 2011 Opening day set now, if anybody has PFP-1, UL-9, or SE-3 to spare, these would finish those insert sets.

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Have a GReat weekend,

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