Friday, March 9, 2012

Men may be from Mars, But these cards are from Zenus!

Zenus Barnes, from over at Prowling Cat Collecting. He doesn't have a blog per say, but he definitely has want lists, need lists, and other useful information over there. Go on and check it out.
He contacted me last week about some cards for my '07 Opening Day Set, a reply or two later, a trade was born. I say trade, but at this point, I've not sent my end of the bargain out yet, even though I got his side yesterday.

And my peeps just can't send me a package without addin in a few Phils for my PCs, I just frickin love it!!! How appropriate is the Purina Pete Rose card!! I may have to chase after that whole set one of these days!

I pulled a bunch of mascot cards for him and was hoping to add from my box of 2012 Opening Day that I picked up last night, but alas, tis not to be this year. Hell I'm not even close to finishing ANY of the inserts from this year. I'm not even sure I have a complete base set at this point. The only thing I am sure of so far is that my Carlos Lee card does not have a card number on the back of it. I wonder if they are all like that? If you are Listening Topps, from a set collecting perspective, maybe fewer insert sets would help us finish from fewer than a case of product!!

Anyhow, Zenus, thanks for the cards and the help. I will get something out to you in the next week, gotta find something else to fill the envelope up a bit...

If anybody else in my readership can help him out, please do so, and as always, tellem ole Dawgbones sentcha!!

Have a GReat weekend!!

P.S. I am going to be out of touch this weekend as my 2-day motorcycle license training course is Saturday and Sunday, so it may take a day or two to answer any emails/comments. But I will answer eventually!!
Wish Mrs. Dawgbones and I luck!

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