Thursday, July 14, 2011

You got to love that title....

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner, thanks to my perseverance, I am the lucky winner in Justin's contest, over in Justin's World. Thanks for a GReat contest dude. I'll post my winnings when they arrive. I've got some other winnings to post as well but I'm running on about 4 hours sleep thanks to work...

I left my house here on the east coast Tuesday morning at 3:30, flew to Green Bay Wisconsin, drove an hour further north to Marinette to attend a meeting and review some drawings, which is why I fell asleep half way through the  All Star game, though I did get to see Fielder's homer. I still think the MVP of the game for the NL was that Rangers pitcher!!

I then start my Wednesday at 6 am  central time, leave there at 2, drive the hour back to Green Bay to wait for my 6:30 flight home. The flight from Green Bay to Detroit was short, followed by an over 2 1/2 hour wait delay for my next flight, back to Norfolk, leaving Detroit finally at 11, securing the exit row on the plane nets me extra leg room and I figure I'll have a nice hour and ten minute nap on the plane, WRONG!! Freaking 5 year old kid sitting behind me spends the hour kicking the back of my seat!! I still think I can feel the 10 indents from his toes in the small of my back!! and his grandmother says absolutely nothing!! REALLY?? You can't even attempt to teach this brat some manners!! I guess I need to start carrying some toy cars or something to bribe these kids with!!
Plane touches down half past midnight, and it takes another 15 minutes for them to find some idiot to guide the plane to the jetway. Really, you didn't think we were coming?? Finally getting to sleep around 1:30, in my own bed, is heaven, until the alarm goes off at 5 this morning!! But that's ok, with the work onsite, plus the travel time pay, I got 14 hours paid Tuesday and 16 hours paid Wednesday, and our customer is happy with the feedback, so it's all good.

And, I won a contest while I was away!! Doesn't get much better than that!!

Have a GReat night, I'm going to bed now!

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