Sunday, January 8, 2012

About that diamond giveaway...

So, I won an auction on the Bay last week, securing myself 14 code cards for the giveaway. This brings me to within reach of the 60th anniversary set, plus some added free shipping!! The thing of it is, I only needed 9 codes for the set.

I now have four extra codes that I do not know what I want to do with (I emailed 1 of the codes to a fellow Phillie fan who ended up ebing just 1 shy). Now, what should I do with the four remaining cards?

I could sell them on the bay and attempt to recupt some of my money, I could redeem them and see if I can get anything good (kinda doubting that option, considering my last few redeemed cards were not GReat!)

Ellis was the absolute best I got for my 9 codes...

Or I could offer them up for trade. What do you, my loyal readers, think? Is anybody in need of these four codes? 1 of them is due to expire at the end of the month, but the rest are good for a while yet, at least until Topps figures out how to add a day onto the end of June!!

I have managed to trade some of my "unwanted" cards and at least turn them into Phillies, so they'll at least find a good home here in my Phillies Binder.

Thanks for reading, have a GReat week,


hiflew said...

I am 6 short, I would be happy to trade for them.

hiflew said...

Oh yeah, should have mentioned what I have for you. I have 1 from your 2011 Series 2 needs and 7 from your series 2 Kimball (including Babe). I'm sure I can find some more stuff if I looked hard enough. Let me know what you need for those codes.