Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions....

I really only have 2, both of which will GReatly affect my readership:

Number 1
Learn to safely operate my new motorcycle so as not to bring harm to myself or others.

Number 2
To get away from the computer a little more often this year.

Yes, this means I will not be posting as often this year, I hope to make more meaningful posts, going for more quality than quantity.

My collecting goals for this year: Hell, whos knows, I am planning on buying two boxes that I know of, this year's Opening Day is a must have for me, and I'm going to try a box instead of packs. And I'm really excited for the up-coming Big Bang Theory release and have already asked my Local Comic Shop to set a box aside for me, I'm really hoping for a Kaley Cuoco auto.

As for baseball, I hope to finish the few sets I have started before taking on anything new, including Topps beyond Opening Day (and this is very subject to change).

Thanks for reading,
Happy New Year!
Have a GReat Week!!


Hackenbush said...

I like Opening Day as well. I think it's just about the best value out there in baseball cards. And you probably know this but Kaley Cuoco is hosting the People's Choice Awards on the 11th. Always wear your helmet! When riding I mean. You probably don't need it for blogging.

Trey J. said...

I'm hoping to grab a Cuoco auto as well. I may buy a box or I'll just wait and try to pick it up off eBay.