Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sometimes things just work out...

for somebody else!!

Have you ever just absolutely killed it in a break? Yes, then leave, leave now, just go.

Ok, now that they are gone, I recently joined in on a group break held by Kyle, of the relatively new (or at least new to me) blog JABO, or Juuust a Bit Outside.

I chose the Phillies and Twins for my two teams, and was randomly assigned the Orioles. Now, I am in no way knocking Kyle's break. Sometimes the card gods shine on you, sometimes they shine on others. That is what I felt during this break. I got a few good Phils and a few good Twins, but nothing that I would even remotely consider spectacular. Give you two guesses which my favorite card from this break was:

Now I realize it is just me, but my beloved Phillies deliver time and time again in group break after group break, until I manage to snag that spot, then they take the break off!!

Now the Orioles, on the other hand, made out fairly well in this particular break, which,in my humble opinion, works out real well for Ryan, over at '"O" No!!! Another Orioles Blog. You see, I am currently in trade negotiations with Ryan for a few Phillies that I desire, I think he is really going to enjoy the results of this break:

The Markakis is numbered 525/562 and the Britton refractor is numbered 60/225. The Reynolds is not numbered out of anything, but is still a nice looking card. Despite the fact that Ryan did not care much for Bowmans' offering this year, he did get two versions of the card he felt was the least offensive out of the set, the Delmonico Rookie. Hope you will enjoy these Ryan, they have been added to your stack.

Thanks for the group break Kyle, it did work out well for Ryan, and I will enjoy the cards for my PCs.
Thanks for reading,
have a GReat day!

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Kyle4KC said...

Yeah, I knew it didn't go well for you, that's why I tossed in some extra Phillies for you. As the host, you want everyone to come away with something good. Maybe next break!