Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Have you Ever...

...made a trade for a card that was already in your possession?
In a very unique twist of fate, involving Local Card Shops, or the lack thereof, I came to be in possession of a card that I wanted for my own.
A while back, Derek of Tomahawk Chopping, put out a plea for help. He was in possession of several Prime 9 exchange cards but does not have a participating LCS near him. Now as most of my loyal readers know (yep, both of you) my true LCS is my local COMIC shop, but with one quick phone call, I discovered that Jersey's Cards and Comics, local to my place of employment, was participating. I relayed this information to Derek and told him to send the cards to me and I would redemm them and send them on back his way.

He graciously offered for me to pick one of the cards that I liked best to keep for myself. Now, that is NOT the reason I offered to help him out and had every intention of sending all of his 9s to him, until I redeemed the first of them for:

Now both of my loyal followers know I collect players that wear the number 7 jersey (I keep kidding, but I've actually picked up a few readers recently and am up to 79 now!!). And you don't get much more iconic than Mr. Mantle! As I eluded to earlier, I was not about to "keep" a card from this little assistance project. But I am not above making an offer in trade for it. A few emails back and forth, and a simple little trade was cemented. And that is how I made my first trade for a card that was already in my possession. And what a beautiful card it is too, the foily blue coloring, fading from light to dark on the edges, with the iconic names floating in the background (including Mr. Schmidt twice!) is just too cool!

Thanks for the trade Derek, glad I could help out with your dilemma, worked out well for me!

thanks for reading.
Have a GReat day!!

P.S. How many times can you use the word possession in a post?? That, my friends, is a lot of esses!!

P.P.S. An update, it has been about a month since Mrs. Dawgbones and I qualified for our M Class license, and we are now venturing out onto the main roads around Tidewater, including the interstate, the downtown tunnel twice, and last night, our first open steel grating bridge crossing. We now have over 150 miles on the cycles and are well on our way to our first road trip, maybe by the end of the month! Cage-free life is awesome, everything I was hoping it would be and more!

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