Friday, April 6, 2012

Trolling for cards in the mail system...

I hinted at a package of goddness from Southern Florida last week. Then promptly got busier than ever at work, at home, and a couple of places in between!!

I showed off 1 item in  the first post, this one:

Don't know whether he got this in person or not, but it's an awesome Phillie autograph that's gonna look even better when I frame it and add it to my cubicle wall at work!

The Phillies and Doc handled them yesterday, getting rid of the goose-egg in the wins column!! Way to go Boys!! Keep it up. I imagine even old Steve Carlton would be proud of them. Putting a few hits together and limiting the Buccos to just 2.

I even imagine if you sent a note to Mike Schmidt and asked his opinion, he'd probably include a few goodies for your time.

more to come later, sooner than last time, but later than now!!
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat weekend!!
Go Gettem Phils!!

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