Monday, June 18, 2012

eBay, the experience...

What's a cheap (under $5), cool card you feel every collector should add to their collection?

   I believe everyone should have at least one relic card from their favorite player/team. And with the over-abundance of said relic cards, and the invention of eBay, many of these can be had for well under $5.

   Case in point, whilst perusing eBay last week, I ran across a very nice bat relic from the Flyin Hawaiian, none other than Shane Victorino that fits the bill quite nicely for this topic.

   This particular card comes from 2010's Allen & Ginter's mini-framed relic collection. As I was able to pick this one up with a BIN price of $2.96 with free shipping, I think it more than qualifies for Fuji's under $5 criteria and is a more than welcome addition to my collection.

   Now, I would have been very pleased if that card was the only one I purchased last week, but, it was not. As is the case with most of us, once we've found an offering from a buyer, we are also apt to look for the "combined shipping" option to add a card or two more to the collection. I'm very happy to say that I chose this option as well, finding not only another Phillie to add, but a very nice, 2nd bat relic from 2002 Upper Deck's Diamond Connection. And it is from Scott Rolen too boot! As most of my readers know, I collect a specialty category of players that wear the #17 jersey, and Mr. Rolen is one of the Phillies to have worn that number.

   I just love the Liberty Bell stamped into the relic, adds a very nice touch. And I was able to snag this one with a BIN price of $2.95! Also well under Fuji-San's $5 price cap with free shipping as well. And I almost had both of them for under Fuji's price cap!

   So there you have it, I think my answer fits in rather well to this weekend's "bat"-a-round. And the timing of this purchase and Fuji's question is just too awesome.

Thanks for the question Fuji,
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat week!

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Fuji said...

Nice eBay finds... especially the Flyin' Hawaiian.