Saturday, June 30, 2012

Waxing Contestic...

Fuji has asked this week about an embarrassing sports memorabilia story from our past. I have not really been collecting long enough to have much to report there so a post like this is about as close as I can get for this category.

A while back, our favorite north of the border Canuck had himself a little contest. Only there were no prizes guaranteed for entering this little thing, hell, you couldn't even be assured of bragging rights for finishing well.
The contest was more or less based on a pack-war scenario, though bonus points were awarded here and there for commenting, and bribery, and even topless photos were hinted at...

Anywhoo, a GReat time was had by most, points were awarded, an overall winner was declared, and then a prize was announced. A follow-up post later confirmed by the good Captain himself declared there would be a 2nd and 3rd place prize delivered as well, chosen by the almighty randomizer. Yours truly and Fan of Reds were randomly selected for runner-up prize-a-bility.

Now for the embarrassing "I am an IDIOT" confession, I totally forgot about all of this until an envelope from north-o-the-border shows up in my snailbox! I looked at the return address and had a small panic attack on the spot, oh crap, I've forgotten about a trade made with someone! Or promised somebody something and not delivered, or something along those lines... Opening the package revealed some Phillies and an explanatory note for the Captain, "Thanx for entering my little contest!" Well, relief sets in, followed by wonder? I had not won first place in any contest recently that I could remember, CAUSE these cards have GOT to be first place for sure.

Check them out:

The Elements Howard looks GReat, and is all golden shininess!! The Triple Threads Robin Roberts is just too cool! Combined with the Schmidt and the Carlton, I would have been totally stoked, but those were not the only cards in the package:

I just can't believe that these are for anything other than a first place finish!! I hope Morgan and Chris are as happy with their prizes, cause I sure as hell am!!
Thanks for the consolation prize there Captain
thanks for reading everybody,
Have a GReat weekend!

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Fuji said...

I've been there myself... not sure why you've received cards... not sure if you forgot to send your end of the deal. Congratulations on the consolation prize!