Thursday, March 28, 2013

In Defense of Night Owl

Night Owl had an interesting post recently, in which he made a few statements that I just can't help but clarify.

My dad is from New York, his sister still lives there. His parents lived and passed there as well.
Many summers growing up were spent on the trek to see my grandparents. We'd even go further during August and attend the McDonald family reunions. I only mention this because my grandmother's family (my dad's mom) is from Watertown, NY, which I believe is where Night Owl currently hails from.

Now, you're thinking along the same lines as several friends did when I mentioned this:

What did you see and do in the city while up there? most folks automatically think of the big apple when you say New York:

I honestly do not know what New York City is like! Honestly! The closest I've come to big city life was here:

or more specifically:

2221 South 3rd Street, in Philly. That's where my mom's family is from, and consequently, where yours truly was born, which let's you know where my love for most things Philadelphia comes from.

But I digress, this is about the Night Owl (also a very cool song from the Little River Band).

When he says, "Not that New York..." I know exactly what he is talking about. See, this is the New York we know:

or this New York:

and here:
or here:

Yep, that's the New York we've grown up knowing, and loving.
So, when he says upstate, I'm jealous! but I also know exactly where he's coming from.
Thanks for the trip down memory lane there Night Owl!
and thanks for reading everybody!

I hope to be back to some more baseball cards soon, I've got a line on some opening day.
Have a GReat weekend! and Happy Easter.


carlsonjok said...

ZOMG! The Finger Lakes and Watkins Glen. Now I am homesick.

night owl said...

I'm actually about to take a drive through the central and western part of Upstate NY. Beautiful country. And I won't see a building more than 5 stories tall at any point.