Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ole Ross Comes through again!!

with a tremendous amount of help from Matt Wilson.
Ross, who runs all the contests over at Sports Card Info, was having a dual-contest a couple weeks ago, in which the first contest was for a football player relic. And everyone knows ole Dawg doesn't do football, but enters all the contests anyway. I've even started giving away my entries in a few of them. This week was no different, except it was...

The other card up for grabs was a Michael Waltrip dual-material relic. Mikey is my boy! I've rooted for him since meeting him back some ten years ago. I offered to trade my entries for the football contest for extras in the Mikey contest. Well, Matt Wilson, of the blog Tenets of Wilson, accepted my offer. He won the Waltrip contest and quickly pointed Ross, and the relic card, in my direction!!

The card showed up earlier this week, and it looks AWESOME!! A very nice addition to my Waltrip stuff!!

The multi-colored glove swatch is too cool! I wonder how an autograph would look on the front if this one?

Thanks for the contests Ross. and a BIG thanks to Matt Wilson for the trade! Let me know if you see any contests you're particularly interested in Matt. I owe you big time and would gladly throw a few more entries in your direction as payback.

thanks for reading,
Have a GReat weekend!!

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