Friday, March 8, 2013

A quick Trade post...

James (a few may recognize him as chunter), from Chipp 'n' Dale recently claimed a card from the GQ blaster that I busted.
He sent me a few cards from my want lists... (slowly chipping away at those lists)

a few Phillies for those binders...

love the Ashburn. My uncle Bill got me an Ashburn jersey last spring, here. The Carlton and Abreu are both CMT version, Cards Your Mom Threw Out.

The Wagner is NOT. It is a very fine example of the '68 Topps and will look very nice with the rest of my vintage Phils in that binder. And I think the Manuel will complete one page of Charlies in that binder!!

and a manu-patch card for a Braves relic that I sent his way...

Now let me preface this next little rant by saying that I do like this card, I agreed to the trade and even said that I hoped the card looked as good or better that the scan from my email. It does look better in person. I love my "star and stripes" jersey and this card reminds me of that. Topps has been 100% honest with it's "created exclusively" statement on the back of the card.

With that said, the mini-rant is for "manufactured relics" in general. Do you consider them hits? I would put this particular card just above a base card as far as value. If I ran across one in a "dime" box hunt, I'd consider picking it up, but as it is purely manufactured, I would NOT willingly pay a premium for it. Nor would I pay more for one team over another. Taking an embroidered logo and slapping a player's name on it screams "gimmick". I do admit this particular design is much better than the "throwback" logo manu-patches from the series 1 blasters. There is no "cardboard" showing behind the logo on this card and it adds a very refined "finished" look to the design where-as the manu-patches glued to the cardboard in the window approach from series 1 just looks somewhat cheap in my opinion.
What do you think?
and I have actively hunted other manufactured relic cards:


are two of my favorites (I would not mind adding this year's MVP version of the Schmidt to my collection),
and I'm still on the hunt for:

but unfortunately have not found one at a price my wife wouldn't kill me for spending!!
Thanks for the trade James, it was well worth it from my end. Hope you enjoy your cards as much as I like mine.

Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat weekend!

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