Monday, July 16, 2012

Are you from Jersey? 3.0

Are you from Jersey? Do you know someone from Jersey? My Uncle Bill, he's from South Philly, but lives in Jersey now. He's my mother's brother, and my main connection to great Phillies news articles and several other goodies.

Well, he's gone off the freaking hook this time!! My mother and father recently made a trip up north. Way up north. We're talking, the border with Canada, up north. For a cousin's kid's wedding. Her oldest brother, my Uncle Bob (yeah I know Bob's my uncle!!) lives in Plattsburg, Ny and it was on of his grandkids that got married. Well, mom and dad stopped by Jersey on the way north, and then again on the way south, on one of these stops, uncle Bill gives them a bag of Enquire's (the Philadelphia Enquirer) from 2008, 2009 and 2010, featuring coverage of my boys and their resultant pennant runs.

Tucked between the brown paper sacks full of news-print was a new Phillies ball-cap, always a very cool gift for your favorite baseball fan, his favorite team.

I've got a couple of these bad boys, and will leave this one in my cubicle at work for those days when I ride into work and end up with a bad case of helmet hair!

As I pull the cap out of the bag, I notice the too familiar white with red pinstripes jersey fabric under it. Sweet, uncle Bill's got me a jersey, wonder which one of my boys he's found for me?
I got a few of these now, my first is my favorite 2nd baseman, Mr. Utley. The second I got is Mr. Halladay's Stars and Stripes flavored variety. My last jersey purchase was a number 4, 1945, Philadelphia Blue Jays Jimmie Fox Mitchel and Ness jersey.

I've been contemplating another one this season, but could not decide on a player. Now I don't necessarily have to!!

My number 1 favorite uncle got me...

yep, I now have a number 1 Philly jersey for my namesake, Richie Ashburn!!

Too Cool!!! It's another Mitchell and Ness throwback, from 1950

Thanks for my Monday wardrobe this week Uncle Bill!
Thanks for reading everybody!
Have a GReat week!

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