Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flea Market finds for Norfolk, Va.

Absolutely nothing. there was one guy there that had a "dime" box of cards next to the stamps and coins and other collectibles that he was selling. I poked through the box for a few minutes but found no cards labeled less than double digits, on the left hand side of the decimal point!! No thanks, but it was a nice ride up there on my Harley!!

Now, this post is prompted by everybody's favorite summer contest Master, Fuji, over at the Chronicles of Fuji. He is always touting the virtues of his latest Flea Market Finds, which quite often leave me jealous. His latest finds (which scream for a major Bipping) have also prompted his latest question. Vintage cards with character.

My favorite vintage character card (read, semi-severely damaged or well-loved) is my Frank Sullivan card. I've blogged about it before, but it makes a repeat appearance for Fuji's latest bat-a-round.

It's a Topps 1960's Frank Sullivan, Pitcher for the Red Sox. I got it through the transmogrifier from 2010. I traded to get it, kept it til the bitter end, and had it shipped to add to my Sawx collection. Now the picture on the giveaway site is NOT what showed up in my mailbox. In no way did I expect a mint card to arrive, but this one is so far from mint I don't know how it survived the spokes!

Take a look:

yeah a good portion of the front is missing, down to the white card stock. And you can almost see the scoring of the front.

now let's turn the card slightly,

yeah, it looks like someone hit ole Sullivan with 80 grit to remove that portion of the front of the card!! Oh well, as Fuji alludes, it's a well loved card, which is now part of my well-loved collection!

Thanks for another interesting question Fuji,
Thanks for reading,
Have a GReat night everybody!!

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Fuji said...

damn... you've got me all jealous. i need to find a card that has scratches like that for my vintage card binder.