Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nobody, Part 2...

Earlier today, I put together a post showing off the baseball collection I have in my cubicle at work. This evening, I went through my meager little "mancave" here at the house and photographed the remainder of my baseball collection, and issued myself a walk!!

First, the rest of the non-signed souvenir balls:
A St. Cloud River Bats baseball, picked up in my wife's hometown if St. Cloud, Minnesota:

A Minnesota Twins logo ball, also purchased in my wife's hometown the first time we went back there so she could show me where she is from.

Even came with a Twins stamped ball cube!

A Wisconsin TimberRattlers ball purchased at their home park in Appleton a few years back:

I just love their logo. Hell, I love all of the minors logos!

A Mr. Baseball Build-a-Bear workshop stuffed ball that my totally awesome wife surprised me with last year for my 43rd birthday! Also blogged about here.

Now for the self-issued walk. Everybody who's watched the game of baseball knows when you get four balls, you walk. Well, as it so happens, I own four signed baseballs, hence the walk for Fuji's subject.

I have 1 baseball that I recieved in a contest win, and it's a great one.

Frank Thomas, a 2-time A.L. MVP.
then we have my very first TTM baseball,

and I am still very appreciative of Mr. Doerr for returning my baseball in less than 2 weeks!
We have my favorite pitcher up next, which also came back in almost record time. From baseball's oldest:

Jamie Moyer. It's also my favorite in the collection. Mr. Moyer is just an awesome person, from the perseverance of his career, to the charity of his, well, charity. The things he does with the Moyer foundation... I just wish I could afford to do half the things he has done. I missed my chance two weeks ago to see him pitch here in Norfolk, and I really hope he finds somewhere, somehow to remain in baseball, whether it's pitching, or coaching. He and I were born in the same decade and I just love it when the "old" guys win!

then we have my most prized possession, and the one I hinted at earlier last week, here is an actual photo of my Jim "Catfish" Hunter baseball, which is showing quite a bit of age now, but is still awesome in my book!! Do you think I am odd for my most prized possession NOT also being my favorite?

Not bad for a signature that is not much younger than yours truly!!

So there you have it gang, my total baseball balls collection. Or at least total for now, as I intend to add to this collection as I go.

Have a GReat night everybody!! Happy 4th of July!! Happy Berfday America!!
Be Safe tomorrow, and thank a service member for our independance, it's the perfect day for it!!
To steal an "immature" phrase from everybody's favorite cardboard junkie, "Thanks for looking a mah ballz!"


The Big Kahuna said...

Nice "Frank Thomas"! Wonder where that came from......(cheesy grin)? LOL! That is a nice collection. I need to get back into collecting auto'd memorabilia again.

Fuji said...

Love the sequel... especially the Thomas & Hunter.

Two posts = extra credit!