Wednesday, January 12, 2011

An update to the Update on my 43rd 3rd...

 A late breaking birthday present.

This just in...

My wife showed up with this for me today:

Now what could possibly be in this box?
I already have the Phillie Phanatic from a few Christmases ago.
They don't really have any other characters that I am interested in right now either.
I did get the Fredbird from the St Louis zoo a couple years ago as well.
Frankly, at this point, I am baffled?!
I really don't have a clue what she could have found for me.
Especially something that would fit my new blog, and possibly interest you, the loyal reader?

Let's take a peek in the window, shall we...

Predominently white, with a bit of red? Now I'm really curious.

and see

Wow, it's Mr. Baseball. Neato.

Even comes with a name tag.
Flipping it over reveals a host of information about our Mr. Baseball.

Got to love that stat, leading the league in both Strikeouts and Homeruns! Too funny.

 She also picked me up a t-shirt that I think will look great on my Phanatic.

Got to love that woman. Don't know where she finds this stuff, but I LOVE IT!!! She keeps this up and I may just have to buy her that 3-stone ring she wants.

Thanks for joining me on this little discovery trip.
HGave a GReat night.

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BA Benny said...

Very nice. I love that the box has holes so he can breathe.