Saturday, January 22, 2011

What a GReat way to start the weekend, Thanks Troll...

So, I sTROLL out to the mailbox when I get home from work today, to find someone blew me a Bubble mailer, all the way from Florida. It was none other than the infamous Troll at the Plate. Once upon a time, he had a GReat Grand baby Troll, guess the time of birth contest, for tie breakers, pick the date and name. Well, you can read the rest here. Well, I received my reward in today's post.

The runner up prize for my tie breaker guess of little baby Ray, (actually, Atlas Ray Generous, what a cool name). I was given the following card, a 1960 Robin Roberts:
As you can see from the hints in the above photo, I was also rewarded for second closest to the time, my guess was 5 minutes off, the winner was 4 minutes away. For my second place guess, I was also given:

Check out the hair on that Pete Rose card!! and the Mini-Feliz card!! Both a Phillie and he wears the number 7 jersey, Double score!!
several Phillies pitchers, you can't go wrong by me with those!!

and a '67 Dick Groat, too cool!!

I would have been totally blown away, and absolutely as happy as a troll under a bridge, now don't get me wrong Troll, I absolutely dig your taste in rewards, and this was indeed a GReat way to begin the weekend, but unfortunately for the Troll, or in my case, fortunately for me, this was also waiting for me when I got home Friday evening:

Another contest win, but that's another post all together.

Thanks for reading,

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