Friday, January 14, 2011

Two more packs of X

Today's X-Baseball nets me:
Pack 1
Jonathan Papelbon - P - Red Sox
Manny Ramirez - OF - Red Sox

Alex Rios - OF - Blue Jays
Jose Reyes - SS - Mets die cut
Russell Martin - C - Dodgers Xponenetial X2
Kerry Wood - P - Cubs

Pack 2
Frank Thomas - DH - Athletics
Troy Tulowitzki - SS - Rockies

Jonathan Papelbon - P - Red Sox Xponential X2
Gary Sheffield - OF - Tigers die cut
Tim Lincecum - P - Giants
Clay Buchholz - P - Red Sox

Hey, it's Friday everybody, let's open a Bonus pack!!
Bonus Pack 3
Josh Beckett - P - Red Sox
Ryan Zimmerman - 3B - Nationals
Brian Roberts - 2B - Orioles Xponential
Nate McLouth - OF - Pirates die cut
Chipper Jones - 3B - Braves
Albert Pujols - 1B - Cardinals

So, we netted 5 Sox and a Lincecum for my PCs (Lincecum is a strange name, and I'm thinking of collecting the Giants 2010 players for their W.S. win), a Zimmerman double, and 11 others for the trade bin. I'm undecided about Tulowitzki for my strange names PC. 6 cards out of 18, not too bad for a Friday, that bonus pack pushed the numbers out of my favor, but got me another Red Sox.

Have a GReat Weekend gang,
Thanks for reading,


Greg Zakwin said...

Oooh, pretty Russ Martin.

dawgbones said...

You like, Greg? You want, Greg?

Greg Zakwin said...

Greg like! Greg want!