Friday, January 7, 2011

More 2008 Upper Deck X Baseball

Packs 1 and 2
B.J. Upton - Rays X
Prince Fielder - Brewers Xponential
Carlos Lee - Astros
Ichiro - Mariners

Daisuke Matsuzaka - Red Sox
Josh Hamilton - Rangers
Lastings Milledge - Nationals X
Jeff Kent - Dodgers Xponential
Albert Pujols - Cardinals
Chipper Jones - Braves
Rick Ankiel - Cardinals
John Smoltz - Braves

Packs 3 & 4
Chase Utley - Phillies
Chipper Jones Xponential
Albert Pujols - Cardinals
Russell Martin - Dodgers
Rick Ankiel - CArdinals
John Smoltz - Braves
Rafael Furcal - Dodgers
Nick Swisher - White Sox Xponential

Conor Jackson - D-Backs
Matt Holiday - Rockies
Adrian Gonzalez - Padres

Justin Morneau - Twins

Packs 5 & 6
Jonathan Papelbon - Red sox
Conor Jackson - D-Backs X

Zack Greinke - Royals
Travis Hafner - Indians
Kerry Wood - Cubs
Greg Maddux - Padres

New York Yankees Legacy Game 1723
Aaron Rowand - Giants X

Jake Peavy - Padres
Nate McLouth - Pirates
Zack Greinke - Royals
Ryan Braun - Brewers

Pack 7
Magglio Ordonez - Tigers
Johan Santana - Mets X
Ken Griffy Jr. - Reds
Gary Sheffield - Tigers
Garrett Atkins - Rockies
Kosuke Fukudome - Cubs

There you have it, 10 more keepers, and a bunch more up for trade.

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Spankee said...

If you could add that BJ Upton Die Cut to my pile that'd be great. I just started putting this set in a binder. It looks awesome with each player's base, die cut, and die cut gold card next to each other, so now Im dying to complete the die cut and gold sets.

Greg Zakwin said...

I'd love to snag the Martin, Furcal, Kent, and one of the Pujolses (Pujolii?), and add them to the few I mentioned in a couple of previous posts. I'll shoot you an e-mail at some point later today.