Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Somebody's trying to flip us the bird!!

An Oriole type bird, that is, it's not too late to enter the contest for a very nice HoF, autographed Earl Weaver card.  go on over and check out The Great Orioles Autograph Project, you'll find all the info on his celebratory type contest, where in you could win your very own autographed Earl Weaver Card. He's posted a scan of the actual prize card:

Way nice prize! I've proved this week, you enter, you win. I've scored several contest wins, and several even nicer trade packs. Gonna have some posting marathons when all this stuff arrives!!
Congrats to Doc for winning the Troll's Grand baby contest. Let me know if you can't fit that Roberts in your collection somewhere. I've got a home for any wayward Phillies that have lost their way!! Ican't believe I lost by 1 minute!!
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