Monday, January 10, 2011

2008 X-Baseball, Pack 1

I bought out the rest of the 2008 Upper Deck X-Baseball from my local Super K and will be busting packs over the next several days or more. There are 18 packs.
I have promised the Gold Die cuts from Spankee's want list to him, but the rest that don't fit my Pcs some where are up for trade.

Pack 1:

Joba Chamberlain - P - Yankees
Robinson Cano - 2B - Yankees
Nate McLouth - OF - Pirates X
Lance Berkman - 1B - Astros
Matt Kemp - OF - Dodgers 
Mark Teixeira - 1B - Braves ??

The first two are definitely keepers for my Yankees Pc, I am undecided about the Mark Teixeira card though, it fits my Yankees PC, but he's in a Braves uniform. If someone wants it, it's up for trade, but I'll stick it in my Yankees binder for now. The other three are definitely up for trade.

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