Thursday, January 20, 2011

Contest results from the Dimwit

An interesting trip to the mail box today finds me with a bubble mailer from Sam, over at the Daily Dimwit.
thanks to his newest sponsor, Tri City Sports PL, I won myself a box in his big box break contest.
My one correctly guessed name of Bobby Doerr got me into the randomizer round where I was chosen the big winner.

And now the results:

At first, I was not quite sure of what I had. Seeing the New York at the top immediately had me thinking of that other New York team. (sorry BA Benny, but I am new to baseball) So, quick as a flash, I whip out the old laptop, and google Mr. Elster, which nets me the following:

Picture courtesy of: The HRBEK List
Seeing this card made me think of BA Benny and a possible trade, until I read the Wikipedia entry: (once again, sorry BA)

Kevin Daniel Elster (born August 3, 1964 in San Pedro, California) is a retired Major League Baseball shortstop.
Elster played for six different ballclubs during his career: the New York Mets (1986–1992), New York Yankees (1994–1995), Philadelphia Phillies (1995), Texas Rangers (1996 and 1998), Pittsburgh Pirates (1997), and Los Angeles Dodgers (2000). He made his Major League Baseball debut on September 2, 1986, and played his final game on October 1, 2000.
In the 1988-89 seasons, Elster set the major league record for consecutive games without an error for a shortstop at 88 games and Baltimore great Cal Ripken Jr. would later break that record, playing in his 95th errorless game in 1990.
On April 11, 2000, Elster hit three home runs in the first game played at Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco.

So, it seems that our Mr. Elster did play for that other New York team briefly, just prior to wearing the
jersey for my very own Philadelphia Phillies. So, it now seems that I have fulfilled several items from my little blogger's wishlist. Opening my very first box of cards (even though it only contained 1 card), winning a very cool contest, obtaining my first Phillies autograph (even though he only played for them for less than a season), and since this arrived via bubble mailer, I think it should qualify as my second TTM autograph, what do you think?

Thanks again Sam, for a GReat contest,
It's not the Mickey Mantle auto I was dreaming of, but it will fit in very nicely with my Phillies PC.
Thanks for reading,


BA Benny said...

Congrats on a great prize. I knew Elster played a short time with the Yankees but I did not know he played with the Phillies. I believe his best days were with the Mets though.

The Dimwit said...

Congrats! Glad you got a card that fits in your collection needs! And glad I was able to help you strike off several items off your wish list! Wish it was the Mantle, Dimaggio or Ty Cobb... Thanks for being a reader!