Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Latest Bat a Round... ala Fuji (aka - the MEGA post)

Outside of the sports memorabilia genre, is there anything else you collect?

To paraphrase an earlier comment from a different contest, "According to my wife, too much CRAP!! Specifically, Harley Davidson T-Shirts from places I've been to (and from places friends have been to), Phillies memorabilia, and to a lesser extent, Star Wars (and Star Trek) memorabilia."

My wife calls me a "hoarder" though I don't see it. I also collect die-cast cars, both large and small. The cars are spread all over my house and my cubicle at work. Most of them no longer have the original packaging as a few have been played with over the years, and I truly think die-casts were meant to be examined up close and personal-like. Some of the details that goes into these are just phenominal!

A few from work:
this year's #56 MWR NAPA racing Camry (some people don't think NASCAR is a sport...)

a Hotwheels mini

the best retro remake

an original Firebird (Smokey and the Bandit flavored)

a signed Michael Waltrip #7 Phillips Chevy Monte Carlo

and, of course Pixar/Disney's Cars

my Darth Vader alarm clock (needs new batteries!)

and a few from home

Annakin Skwalker Alarm clock (it does NOT need batteries)

Batmobiles, in various sizes

a '94 Chevy Impala

an old Ford

more MWR racing (is Motorsports a Non-Sports??)

This one's also signed by Michael!

here come da Judge

an original Mini

a '68 Camaro in tuxedo black

an '06 Challenger

a Bumble Bee transformer

a Hummer

and many others

I've also got figures and figurines galore:

Heroclix (just some of my favorites)

my LDH (Little Damn Heroes) set from QMX and Serentiy/Firefly

Kaywinnit Lee Frye (Kaylee to her friends), my oldest pup's namesake
The man they cal Jayne Cobb

Captain  Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds, "We aim to Misbehave!"
River Tam

Hoban "Wash" Washburne
my Rubber Ducky collection

and others

and the collections list goes on:

Any good card carryin Republican worth his salt should have a few Elephants:

and who doesn't love a little Augie Doggie?


and one of the few Star Wars figures I have that is still in his original packaging:

Hats galore

 and even a couple signed by the NAPA drivers themselves, Courtesy of my sister-in-law, who worked for NAPA for a while...

my wife asked after the 3rd, "How many helmets do you need?"

and my latest collection:

Just kidding, the black one belongs to my wife!
This one's mine:

Thanks for the latest post subject Fuji,
thanks for reading everybody. Sorry for the over-abundance of photos, but Fuji did ask!
Have a GReat night!

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Fuji said...

Wow... you weren't kidding. That is one killer collection. Extra credit for you bro!