Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hope you're having a GReat Saturday. And for those of you "In the Know" and even better FCBD.
Wait, what? You don't know what FCBD is??
Well, let me tell you. The first Saturday of every may for the last 12 years, has been designated:


Yep, that's right, go support your Local Comic Shops, and today, you will get freebies. I stopped by my favorite shop, Zeno's. right here in Chesapeake, not too far from my home.

Wayne's a GReat guy and runs a top notch shop. Really taking care of his regular customers, as well as trying his ut-most best to turn every new customer into a repeat customer, and by nature, one of us regulars!

Today was no different. Zeno's had a bunch of great comics to give away, all for free, plus some other events to draw us in.

I picked up 2 books:

and took advantage of guest artist Bill Meiggs. Watching him sketch a Flash character card for one of the customers, I asked him if he could do a Human Torch for me. Ole Flamehead has always been my favorite superhero. He replied, "Don't Know? I've never done him!" I think he nailed it!

Watching him work on this was amazing. Just to go from a blank card to a finished piece of colored artwork in 20 minutes or less astounds me! Knowing which colors to blend, where to start, which pens for finish linework... I just love watching talented people create things.

This one's going in my personal collection binder with the rest of my specialty cards. Don't know how much money they'd be worth, cause they're priceless to me. I'd never dream of parting with them.

I honestly had no idea that Bill is also a firefighter!! Thanks for that!

Bill's the guy in the back row. Thanks for the card Bill. Awesome job!! And there's no way this one'll end up on eBay!!

and thanks for the GReat service Wayne, see you on Wednesday.
thanks for reading.
Have a GReat day!

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