Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More Opening Day

got another jumbo:

and my second Phillie Blue Sparkly bordered card! And it's another pitcher, the overly joyous, must have won that one, Papelbon... unlike last night, in which Halladay and the bullpen were apparently having a two-fer one special on Homers!! Allowing 7 home runs for the Tribe, 5 of those with a runner on base!!

We have Chooch's first appearance of 2013, ain't timing everything! And we also have Mr. Kemp's second appearance on my blog this week, this time in the form of an Opening Day Stars insert. I do like this insert series and am glad to see Topps continuing it.

in their defense, the Phillies defense that is... It's hard to defend a game when you let them launch balls out of the park all evening! Not that the offense did much either, managing to launch two taters, Utley got another homer, his 5th of the season, and Young put his first in the books.

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