Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Traded for a bridge!

I contacted Spankee late last week, wanting him to stop by my office at work when he got a chance. I had found a few things that I wanted to give him. And as I work kinda between where he lives and works, it would save some shipping and possible damage if he could swing by on his way to work one morning.
He stopped by late last week, and was not empty handed. You can see his side of things here. As for me:

and he also included not one, but two bridges to nowhere... the cards formerly known as 2010 Topps Chrome!

It's bad when the warp-ness of the card stock tries to prevent the scanner lid from closing!! I am certainly relieved that Happ's injury the other night was not more severe than it was, and will be glad to see him return to the game.

He also included a very nice dual swatch, dual colored Winning Materials relic of Jim Thome from Upper Deck's SPX set. The back is a bit different in that it guarentees (in as much as any company can at this point) that the grey swatch game from a Phillies game and the red swatch came from a Phillies workout!

thanks for the cards Spankee!
thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

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Spankee said...

Glad you like them!