Tuesday, April 30, 2013

something dodgey about today's post...

I finally managed to find a box of those big league minis figures that Topps has decided to torture us with this season. At $4.98 a pop, my wife would have shot me on site if I'd tried to sneak more than one in the shopping basket last week.

They come on figure per pack.
This photo shamelessly stolen from Napkin Doon's current Big Fun Game!!

and there is a checklist provided with each figure.

but the checklist versus a quick look on eBay shows there are variants that are not pictured on the checklist.

this make it easier to know. Hey this one's not pictured, so, it's a variant!!

so, which one of these buggers did I get? I gave you a hint with the post title...

and he is available for trade...

I'd like to have the Halladay and Mauer, and though I would not turn him down, the Howard is just a tad creepy looking to me (surprisingly they closely resemble the pictures on the checklist!):

there are two possibilities, as this is NOT a variant...

and without much further adieu:

yes, Mr. Kemp. I know there are a few Dodgers fans out there, as well as Kemp fans, so hit me up with your best offer.

thanks for looking,
Have a GReat day!

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