Friday, April 5, 2013

More Opening Day

2 retail packs this time.

Got these Tuesday night at the other Target near my house. They did not have any of the jumbo packs that I prefer. The jumbos cost about a penny less per card than the single 7 card packs.

Another pie in the face card. kinda MEH about these, not great but not bad either. Another GReat action shot of Davis, picture him chanting, "See the ball, Be the ball, Catch the ball..."

The first of the Upton brothers, really wish they'd gone somewhere other than Atlanta... makes it difficult to root for the hometown favorites. And we have our second duplicate card with the Choo. But once again, it's base vs. Blue parallel. Betcha Dominguez ain't too happy with that photo!

On a side note, It's nice to see Topps did not carry over the old "packs with an insert card contain fewer cards" trick from the flagship to Opening day. Which brings us to our last card from the second pack, and our first Phillie base card:



Drum Roll Please...



Yep, Mr. Opening Day pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, Cole Hamels.
Wish you could've won that one Cole, but we've got 161 more shots to go!
and a snapshot of the card back for you:

Well ain't that nice! only four thousand and some strikes to go for the record... really?
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