Monday, April 8, 2013

More Opening Day...

Were out on the motorcycles yesterday and ran across a Target that we don't frequent much and picked up another jumbo pack.

not too bad for starters... a pair of Uptons, pretty nifty trick they pulled the other night, back to back homers to win the game!

another lenticular insert. I really do like them even though they don't scan too well. We have now hit on a couple of doubles with this jumbo pack, I think I have three base doubles now, and then there's:

woo hoo!! A veritable Phillies hot pack!! As for their performance over the week-weekend, at least they did not get swept, and they almost pulled off a back to back come from way behind to win the game. Frandsen's walk-off double was very sweet!
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Have a GReat week!

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