Monday, April 1, 2013

The best Pack I've never opened!!

So, I finally managed to get my hands on some Opening Day. My favorite Target had exactly 1 jumbo pack left by the time I got over there on Saturday morning. I could not wait to get into work this morning and scan those puppies in.

Lets start with the base cards:

not too bad, some decent players in that group.
I even managed to pull two of those blue bordered beauts as well:

heck yeah! Two Phillies for my collection!! this is a pretty decent pack!!

but the inserts is where this pack shined! I managed to pull over half the pack in inserts:

DAMN!! a Mascots hot pack!!! now I only need half the mascots to finish the set!!

now you're thinking, how lucky can a person get. I did manage to pull one more insert out of this pack:

The Rangers Mascot Auto!!! These are extremely hard to pull, but as he's from a team I don't collect, he is for trade, but I will only accept a Unicorn for this one. Yep a real live genuine unicorn!!

did you forget what today is?
Happy April Fool's day everybody!
thanks for reading!
have a GReat day!


Ryan H said...

I think that Freddie Freeman is the "Out of Bounds" SP version.

Spankee said...

Holy crap. That's ridiculous.

JediJeff said...


Does Topps STILL not know the White Sox mascot is Southpaw?

Arno said...

Haha. Kind of awesome

unclemoe said...