Thursday, April 4, 2013

2013 Opening Day, the real post

OK, so I did manage to get my hands on two jumbo packs of 2013 Opening Day. and NO, there weren't half a pack of mascots in there!!

But there were 48 unique baseball cards in them (there was a duplicate, but it was a blue parallel)
so what do we get for our $6 and change?

Wow, 3 pair! That's a winning hand almost any day! Like the action shot of Venable, especially since it also shows the inbound ball as opposed to just diving for empty air.

So, in the first jumbo, we get 2 Twins, 2 Orioles, 2 D-Backs, 2 Angels, 2 Reds and 3 Giants. Not too shabby! I still like the 3D cards, and pulling Posey is GReat! I also really like the Blue parallels and am looking for a team set from at least my Phils.

The second jumbo seems to be looking up, literally! Morrison, Choo and Martinez are all looking to the skies. I see two Sac-Flies and a possible homer...

The Medlin is the first "duplicate" from this year, but matching the base with the blue shiny, I'll take that any day! And I did actually pull one mascot with the Twins. I really do like the mascot cards!
But still no base Phillies from any purchased packs...

thanks for reading,
Have a GReat day!

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