Monday, June 17, 2013

An LCS pick-up

Well, there was a card show at one of the local malls this past weekend and I went by there on Saturday. Just wanted to show off what I found there:

how about that...

what, you missed it? Here it is again:

Yep, absolutely nothing. there were maybe 6 tables total and only three of those had baseball cards on them, one other was pure football, and the final two were home made jewelry and Avon!! It was not a total loss though, cause I rode my motorcycle over there, anytime on the bike is a good time!

I did go by Jerseys again on Friday and picked up another 2 packs of quarter cards which I will be posting tomorrow. And I picked up a jumbo hobby pack of 2011 Topps Updates while there so the owner did not feel I was only there for the special (it was the last pack n the shelf).

Highlights were:

I needed the Jackson for my Kimballs set and you can never go wrong with a bronzed Phillie!

and there was also this little thing in there as well:

not bad, of course, I'd trade it for a Phillie in a second!!  (hint, hint)

thanks for reading,
have a GReat night!